Representative Steve King (IA-Dumbass) introduced a bill to prevent the Supreme Court from citing its own cases in future opinions, especially when it comes to Obamacare. If your first thought is, “Can he even DO that?” you are not alone.

The bill claims that “Under Article 3, Section 2” Congress is allowed to “to provide exceptions and regulations for Supreme Court consideration of cases and controversies.” (TPM)

It still sounds ridiculous and like gregarious overreach, but even if it is not, the opinions are those one would think King should strongly support. Right now everyone is sitting back popping popcorn and pretty much laughing their asses off at him, because he is making a complete fool of himself.

“He obviously hasn’t read these opinions,” Jost said. He pointed to National Federation of Independent Businesses v. Sebelius, which Jost said “contained very strong statements about state rights;” King v. Burwell, which “included language in which the court basically limited deference to administrative agencies;” and Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, which “was all about religious liberty.”

“These are three precedents that one would think Representative King would affirm very strongly,” Jost said.

Great. We Democrats appreciate any help you can give us, Mr. King. Thank you!

Also, this morning, in a series of “Executive Tweets”, The Golden Wrecking Ball warned the GOP to make sure to place all the blame for the failed mess of Obamacare squarely on the Democrats. Oh, yay! There’s a shocker of an announcement! (The only surprise is he felt the need to say it aloud and again…like…was that not the plan all along? Who wasn’t doing that? Isn’t it part of the Republican hazing?)

“Presidential!” I, for one, am relieved we finally have this out in the open. All that secrecy was driving me batshit!

Next, the Republicans passed several bills to ease the way, like lube, for the gigantic screwing that will take place when they do actually repeal Obamacare. The main one is reconciliation. The primary reason for doing this is to prevent a filibuster by Democrats during the budget process.

The problem is, the Republicans still do not really have a replacement. Tom Price, the choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services, has his own plan called “Empowering Patients First,” but it really empowers doctors and drives up the costs for patients.

Now that Dr. Tom Price, a Republican congressman, has been picked by Donald Trump to be the next U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary, insurers fear an assault on narrow networks, reimbursement tied to outcomes and related value-based care models.

Like many doctor lobbies, Price wants the doctor in control and getting paid from insurers with fewer hurdles or questions asked. (Forbes)

In response, the American Medical Association, which endorsed Price, issued a statement Tuesday to Congress that made it very clear they want a replacement before there is any repeal.

Consistent with this core principle, we believe that before any action is taken through reconciliation or other means that would potentially alter coverage, policymakers should lay out for the American people, in reasonable detail, what will replace current policies. Patients and other stakeholders should be able to clearly compare current policy to new proposals so they can make informed decisions about whether it represents a step forward in the ongoing process of health reform. (AMA)

As a professional patient, I personally feel like I am in the middle of a bad sequel to The Hunger Games. May the odds be in my favor, or something like that.


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