You know, for a bunch of people who make it seem like they would literally lube up and fuck the Constitution, Republicans sure do hate to follow it when it doesn’t suit their ideological crusade.

Justice Antonin Scalia is dead, and the sane world rejoices. He was a man out of his time, trying to force 330 million people to live under the specific constraints of a document written more than two centuries ago. He used words like “jiggery pokery” when trying to argue in favor of keeping poor people from getting health care.. Scalia was the living embodiment of conservatism — a crotchety, disdainful little man whose irrational fear of people making decisions with their own lives that he didn’t like drove him to go down in history as one of America’s top bigots.

The Constitution is crystal clear in how the process of replacing a Supreme Court justice should run, and it’s not that hard. The president nominates someone, and then the Senate confirms them. Since 1900, the longest a Supreme Court bench seat has remained empty was about 125 days, but ever the Obama obstructionist, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that he wants “the American people to have a voice” in who their next Supreme Court justice is. But, um, someone should tell Mitch that people already had a voice, twice, and in 2012 they reaffirmed that should this exact scenario happen, Obama was to be the man to fill the vacancy.

There are over 340 days left in Obama’s presidency. This is more than enough time for a suitable candidate to be found and confirmed, but since we have to work with Republicans on everything, I have no doubt of the very real possibility that seat will stay open until after the election. Because the GOP is currently a little distracted figuring out which end of itself to devour first, its head or its tail. They have a very real insurrection among their ranks in the name of Donald Trump, and even though to their collective horror he told them pretty much the most honest truth about 9/11, the Iraq War and the George W. Bush administration possible, I still don’t think that will cost Trump his popularity, and they will be forced to contend with him all summer going into the convention.

With Sarah Palin entering the mix, and Trump clearly having figured out that it’s possible to be a popular Republican candidate while trashing the Republican Party because their base voters just hate all government and politicians equally and never really trusted them in the first place, this is a nightmare that they won’t wake up from any time soon.

Honestly, why Mitch doesn’t just heed-to, let Obama nominate some mildly liberal justice, and then they can all have a moment of bipartisanship they can use in campaign ads. But who am I kidding? This latest insult to our intelligence from McConnell is just par for the Republican course.

They claim to revere the Constitution, but they had no problem with the Patriot Act almost making the Fourth Amendment a punchline to a joke. They say they love it with all their heart, and yet they hate the fact that it can be amended — by design. They hate judicial review, even. So in their heart of hearts I’m sure most of them would rather we disband it and form a Christian tribunal.

It’s times like these that we’re reminded why elections are so important. The Republican Party is feckless, rudderless, and far more interested in political theater than governance. I cannot even fathom the sheer volume and intensity level of the shrieks and groans were a Democratic Senate to try and to run out the clock on a sitting Republican president’s Supreme Court nomination. I can only hope that this kind of idiocy costs the Republicans dearly in the fall.

Ignoring constitutional procedure doesn’t always have major implications, but dicking around with a Supreme Court Justice appointment does. It shows that for all their flowery prose and poetic language about reverence for it, the Republican Party despises the Constitution, at least what it’s become. Otherwise, if they were truly stewards of it, they’d suck it and realize that had they put on a good showing in 2008 or 2012 they’d be the ones getting to make this pick. They’re all a bunch of babies, and it’s just so fitting that this would be one of the final acts against the Obama Administration.

Why would they stop being immature, petty, and stupid with Obama now? It’s served them so well the last seven years.


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