I’m a simple clown; a comedian, so forgive me if this is patently obvious to everyone else.
Why do Hillary Clinton supporters have such a hard-on for Bernie Sanders to exit the race now? Why are her surrogates and her most hardcore fans demanding Bernie wrap it up as he wins yet another state, this time, Indiana? I’ve tried to figure this out, because it’s primary season still, Bernie staying in only prolongs it. As a die-hard Sanders guy, even I know that the odds are ridiculously long he’ll be the nominee because of the amount of pledged delegates Clinton swooped up in her southern firewall states, and in the urban centers of the states she won, even if Bernie took the preponderance of counties or precincts.
But what harm is there, really, if he stays in until the convention, and even forces a floor vote? I think I have two answers.
The first answer: Because Team Hillary is scared shitless of everyone realizing that Clinton isn’t universally loved, the longer Bernie goes the more wins he racks up, and the more obvious it becomes that she doesn’t have nearly the kind of support that the Democratic machine is telling people she does. They don’t want the world realizing that within her own party she’s not universally loved, even within her own damn party.
The second answer is simpler — Hillary Hawks know that as much as they yell about “math” to Sanders supporters, he’s picked off enough states and delegates that she can’t lock it up on pledged delegates alone, either, unless she obliterates him in states he’s starting to pull ahead of her in.
The standard-issued talking point is that real Democrats choose and chose Hillary and independents and KARL ROVE’S PAID TROLL ARMY (and maybe some actual Democrats) go for Sanders. Bullshit. I happen to know quite a few registered Democrats that are Team Bernie. Is that anecdotal? Of course it is, but when there are literally millions of people registered as Democrats voting for Sanders regardless, to try and hide the fact that Hillary is not universally accepted by all within the party is just ludicrous, obvious political theater, and it’s a symptom of why so many people are turned off to Hillary.

What’s my point? That there is no “clear consensus” among Democrats, at all, and that within the party it’s as polarized as the rest of the country’s politics are.
It’s closed primaries that make the numbers look skewed, nothing more. And yes, this is a Democratic primary so the Democratic Party can and should be allowed to make up whatever rules and policies they want to in order to decide who their nominee will be. I just think the tactic of walling their preferred candidate up behind closed primaries was a sound strategy right up to the point that an honest to God liberal crusading politician started campaigning.
Now, Sanders’ resolute devotion to the cause makes the DNC and Team Hillary look even more pre-packaged and corporate sponsored.
If she’s got it sewn up, then why does anyone care if Bernie keeps taking his swings? If she’s got such an insurmountable lead and there’s nothing to worry about, why is everyone worrying about Bernie getting all nine innings in? There are so many people giving money to his campaign that he’s still out raising her. Sure, you can be snarky and say that those donations aren’t votes, and you’re completely right, but they are also aren’t meaningless, especially in a post-Citizens United world.
Hillary wants Bernie gone because she doesn’t want this thing going to a contested convention, because she knows she could lose there. California has a shit load of people in it. And there are enough other states left to cut enough into the raw vote lead she has to make some superdelegates flip. This is not a likely scenario, but the longer this goes on, and the more wins Sanders gets, the more the superdelegates might end up costing the establishment their pick, because irony is still a thing.
I’m very much so willing to concede that Bernie’s chances are just about nil. Then again, as I said before, if Hillary fans were really being honest with themselves, they’d admit that Clinton cannot lock it up herself before the convention. But until all the primaries are held, who cares if he stays in?
The difference I think between Sanders and Clinton supporters is in political cynicism. Team Hillary is urging Bernie to shut it down, but if he does he is breaking his word to his supporters to fight to the end. Maybe Hillary Hawks don’t care about someone’s morals being so loose, but part of Bernie’s appeal is the rigidity of his. Why are Hillary backers trying to disenfranchise me, and millions like me, who haven’t had a chance to make their voice heard? Sure, we’ll probably lose in the end, but what, really is the harm in making sure we all get to cast our vote for who we want to be the nominee?
There is no harm.
Not unless the only thing you’ve been rooting for is Hillary running unopposed. Otherwise, you are acting no differently than the Republicans who have tried to keep minorities from voting with ID laws. Just let the process play out. Let the rest of us have our turn. If she wins it after every vote is counted, great. You’d want the same for your candidate if the roles were reversed, and I will once again remind you all that Hillary waited until June to drop out in 2008, so we’re still a couple weeks out from there, and what’s good for the Hill is good for the Bern.
Unless intellectual honesty is boring or unnecessary to you, of course.


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