Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), is the literal definition of a demagogue. What’s a demagogue you ask? Our old pals at Merriam-Webster define the term like this:

a political leader who tries to get support by making false claims and promises and using arguments based on emotion rather than reason (source)

Yup, I’d say that Cruz hangs his hat on “making false claims and promises and using arguments based on emotion rather than reason.” That is exactly how I’d describe his emotional tantrum that led House Republicans to join him shutting down the government over Obamacare. He has told his supporters lies about what Obamacare is, how it functions, and most importantly, the power he would have as a president to repeal it. He bases most of his arguments on a variation of this: Democrats are bad.

Seriously, Cruz has never met a Democrat he can’t blame for something. Remember when he told the world that most of the violent criminals in America are Democrats? Don’t take my word for it, here’s the smack down he got for it from

The researchers behind the study cited by Cruz’s campaign say their research doesn’t look at violent criminals — they only looked at ex-felons generally, violent or not. Nor does their ex-felon population represent all criminals, just those who were arrested by police. And finally, they say, they’re not even sure that with all those qualifiers it’s even true that a majority of ex-felons go on to register as Democrats. That’s true in some states studied, but not others, and no national data is available. (source)

Okay, so the people whose study he was citing when he made that stupid claim called bullshit on him. that means he came right out and corrected himself right? Wrong. I really do hope that someone, anyone, confronts him with this stupidity in a debate if he gets his party’s nomination. I’d love to see him explain to the entire country why he believes the party most of them identify as belonging to — a fact that actually helps even further demonstrate Cruz’s less than honest intentions — are just more likely to be violent criminals than Republicans are.

Then again, how many Republicans are there on Wall Street? Is he just saying that Republicans commit more white collar crime? Like is it a cultural thing in white people to just be more fraudulent? Because I know I’ve seen conservatives intimate crime in the black community is just cultural. But I digress.

So now flash-forward to this week. Cruz, giving a speech in New Hampshire, told attendees about “undocumented Democrats” coming across the border. He then managed to link them to the heroin epidemic in the Granite State. How? Because the border is “insecure” in Republican Land and that’s how the heroin is getting to New Hampshire. In Democrat-only vehicles driven by only Democrats, sold by only Democrats, but taken by everyone, because Democrats are evil, right?

As Mother Jones reported it:

He wandered even further into his stump speech, connecting the dots from the heroin crisis to the lack of a decent fence on the border, to the stagnation of Americans’ wages and the dissatisfaction of the American middle class with Washington politicians. If you showed up late, you might have been surprised to hear that the event was about drug abuse in New Hampshire. (source)

It’s ridiculous to the point of being satirical. Honestly, as someone who writes satire most of the time, this is the kind of thing I’d write. “Ted Cruz Says Democrats Invented Heroin to Win Elections,” would be a headline I’d write based on this story. It’d be even more hilarious if I didn’t know there were conservative Republicans all over the country eagerly lapping up the idea that Democrats are to blame for a state’s heroin epidemic.

Just add this to the pile of reasons Ted Cruz doesn’t deserve serious consideration for the Oval Office. Sure, heroin is probably coming up from the southern border. But instead of looking at the problem from a modern point of view and figuring out if our overly-militarized, overly-legislated approach to drugs is exacerbating the problem, he finds a way to attack Democrats. This is a War on Drugs issue, and Senator Cruz is out there telling you it’s Democrats that are giving Bobby and Susan McSmackaddicts their fix.

I’d say he should be ashamed of himself, but I don’t think Dr. Frankenstein injected him with the humility serum when he was created.


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