Many people have pointed out what a gift the Trump administration is to comedians – every day it seems like there’s something new that lights up Twitter, whether it’s Jeff Sessions’ ‘Kamala Harris makes me nervous’ vapours, or Sean Spicer’s impression of Melissa McCarthy, or Ivanka Trump’s recommendation that we celebrate fallen military heroes by making champagne popsicles. And of course Trump can always be counted on to contradict his staff, or to fire off a snippy mis-spelled tweet.

For awhile I struggled with using all this material – I mean, yes, it’s funny, but wouldn’t I be better off channeling my ire into political action? But numerous pundits (and some of my wonderful tens of fans) have pointed out that it IS valuable to laugh at those in power, particularly when we use satire to expose hypocrisy and to point out ways Trump et al. are demolishing political norms.

As an example, check out these Tweets from just this morning. It’s becoming a routine of waking up every day and wondering what in the hell The Donald is crying about.

So I’ve been in there with everyone else, gleefully taking advantage of the latest gaffes, and a couple of weeks ago, #covfefe was on everyone’s minds (in fact, at least two other political satirical songwriters did songs about it the same day I did – Randy Rainbow and Sandy & Richard Riccardi, who are all much better known than I am and worth checking out if you don’t know their work!).

But I also think it’s important that we don’t let the goofy stuff distract us from real damage that the Trump White House is doing, from decimating Wall Street regulations to taking health care away from millions of Americans. Fortunately, sometimes it’s possible to make that point AND take advantage of comedic gold!


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