The Washington Post Confirms Sean Hannity As Full Of Shit As His Führer

Sean Hannity lie? What, is it a day that ends in "Y" or something?

Sean Hannity is full of shit.
I know, to our readers here that’s not anything new or spectacular. But thanks to fact-checkers at The Washington Post, we now know he’s full of shit and he’s a willing tool of Donald Trump. You see, back in may, Hannity’s website ran a puff piece about how the alleged-billionaire and Republican presidential nominee (if you’re reading this in the future, yes, our country was stupid enough to nominate a D-list reality-TV attention whore to be president once, hope you haven’t made that mistake since…that is if we didn’t elect the dumbfuck and there’s still a future to be reading this in) hooked up some stranded marines with his personal jet to fly them home from North Carolina. It’s the kind of piece that would make AIDS look sympathetic, provided AIDS had a private jet to loan out.
The only problem?
It’s a complete and utter fabrication. Per The Washington Post’s fact checkers, this is a bullshit story with threads of truth in it. Essentially, instead of the narrative of “Donald Trump loans stranded marines his personal jet to get home,” the real narrative is “Donald Trump made a shitty business deal for planes and tried to recoup expenses by renting the extra planes he had to the military.”

Despite the rumors on base, it’s clear that Trump had nothing to do with the dispatch of the jet to the troops stranded at Camp Lejeune. The aircraft that ferried the troops was part of the Trump Shuttle fleet, at a time when Trump barely had control over the airline and was frantically trying to negotiate deals with bankers to prevent the collapse of his business empire.
Trump Shuttle had a contract with the military, and this flight home was part of that contract. Simple as that. (source)

WaPo gave Trump’s story a four Pinocchios. That’s their equivalent of a pants on fire lie. If you’re surprised that Trump lied about something, please buy some of my lovely oceanfront bridges, positioned all throughout the state of Wyoming.
I’m not going to talk shit on veterans who got a ride home on a Trump air shuttle 25 years ago. If they heard a rumor and thought it was true, that’s okay. But what I think this story does is actually peel back the onion a bit on Hannity and the new right. And not to impersonate a right-winger right now, but I think it also plays a bit into the whole Benghazi mess.
What does a lie about a 25 year old plane ride have with Benghazi? The fact that it was based completely on hearsay, that’s what. Specifically, the hearsay of marines on a base. It reminds me very much of the unknown source that Trey Gowdy spent untold money trying to track down, simply because they called into a conservative talk radio show and said they had vital information on Benghazi.

The list of right-wing kookery that has become accepted truth on that side of the spectrum goes on. Vince Foster was murdered. Bill Clinton are secret communists. Obama is a gay Kenyan. Hillary had people from the DNC bumped off. So a bullshit story about Trump’s alleged kindness to vets shouldn’t surprise anyone.
Ultimately, I just wanted to write this piece to make sure we did our part here at Modern Liberals of magnifying this story. It’s vitally important that bullshit be called out when it’s first sniffed. Granted, it won’t stop right-wingers from accepting it as truth, but at the sooner we call bullshit outside the bubble, the sooner life can get on with itself and we can go back to ignoring their baleful moans like we always do.
I’ll make sure to tweet this story to Lumpy too, since lately he’s been edgy enough to get into Twitter fights with just about anyone. He’s stable and soft-spoken like that.

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