What is the definition of moocher if it’s not “someone who gets money for doing nothing,” right? I mean, aren’t conservatives always telling us people on welfare are lazy moochers — despite us knowing that most people on welfare work at least part time? So, what do you call a bunch of people who get a paycheck from the taxpayers — six figures to boot — and don’t really do the work required of that paycheck?

You call them moochers, or Senate Republicans for short. Can we just call Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a “moocher” now?

Justice Antonin Scalia has been thankfully dead now for 27 days at the time of writing. And in that time, McConnell and his fellow Republicans in the Senate have made it clear that under no uncertain terms will they hold hearings or a vote on anyone that President Barack Obama nominates to replace Scalia. The problem with that? Advice and consent on Supreme Court Justices is one of the explicitly-detailed jobs that the Senate is supposed to perform.

That means that for 27 full days Republicans have been accepting paychecks from the people for not doing their work. Call me crazy, but I seem to remember Republicans demonizing those who take assistance from the government without working because that makes you a “moocher” or a “taker.” Yet, here we are face to face like a couple of silver spoons with another glaring example of Republican hypocrisy.

Just imagine if a Democratic congress at on the ball like this. You’d have Rand Paul out in front of the rotunda with a forty-foot tall Constitution, demanding that Democrats entering the building bow down before it. You’d have Mitch McConnell tearfully pleading with Democrats for sanity and decorum. I’m not saying the Democrats wouldn’t sit on the ball either; I’m just saying you know the Republicans are especially full of shit right now because they’re the ones pretending like they don’t have to do their jobs.

The Republicans are clearly trying to stall, hoping that come November one of their own will be elected to the White House, and then he can make the pick. Except if they go that route and they lose, then they might get stuck confirming Bernie Sanders’ or Hillary Clinton’s pick, and a poll conducted by super-duper liberal rag The Wall Street Journal shows that they could pay a heavy price at the polls this Fall if they do drag their feet.

The survey, released Tuesday night by the Wall Street Journal, found 55 percent of all registered voters disagreed with Senate Republicans’ refusal to set Judiciary Committee hearings to vet a potential nominee for the high court, effectively blocking the first step of the confirmation process. (source)

I don’t expect any elected Republican to admit their hypocrisy. It’s not like they ever cop to being two-faced when it comes to corporate versus social welfare programs. They never admit to being duplicitous when comes to advocating small government that’s still big enough to make your reproductive decisions for you, so of course I’m not holding my breath that they’ll ever wake up and realize how incredibly stupid it is to call Obama someone who hates the Constitution for years and then pull this completely sophomoric and nakedly political bullshit with Obama’s nomination.

Hopefully the Wall Street Journal poll convinces some of the more moderate Republicans to chill out and at least hold a hearing. There are more Republican than Democratic seats up for reelection in November, and this many people disagreeing with their behavior could cost them dearly…or not.

This is the party that has wasted millions on scandal investigations that go nowhere, and they still held their majority in the House and gained the majority in the Senate. There are a lot of red state voters who don’t seem at all angry or upset at having a completely useless government that doesn’t even follow its own rules, so maybe this won’t mean jack-shit in the long run.

Considering who is currently in front of the GOP primaries, I will keep right on inhaling and exhaling normally.


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