Abraham “Freed the Slaves” Lincoln. David “Realllly Wants to Use the N-Word Openly” Duke. If ever there were two people who stood, historically speaking, for two diametrically opposed ideas, it’s Honest Abe and Racist Dave. Yet, here we are in 2016 and there is something that ties the two of them irrevocably together, two things in fact.

Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party.

Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and Louisiana Congressman, endorsed Donald’s candidacy today, and in doing so said that anyone who is white that doesn’t vote for Trump is committing “treason to your heritage.” But before we go much further, I really must be kind of self-serving and point something out. An article I wrote a few months ago for The Political Garbage Chute.


Now, I have to admit that it’s not like it’s some giant leap of logic to presume that if someone is spewing dog-whistle racist shit like implying that most Mexicans are drug pushers, rapists, and murderers, that actual, real-life racists would flock to him. I’m not Nostradamus or anything of the sort. I just wanted to drop that piece here because it proves my larger theory about life — that we’re living in satirical times.

What I really wanted to express here, though, is something that I don’t think Republicans can deny anymore — they have become the Anti-Lincoln Party.

Not all Republicans are racists. I know that sounds simplistic and almost unnecessary to say, but as I’m pretty much positing that they’re the party that openly courts racists, I think it’s important to be intellectually honest about the fact that many millions of Republicans aren’t racist. Whether or not they support policies that have a racist impact is another discussion.

Even if only a percentage of the people who support Trump are full-blown outright racists, that should be enough evidence for us that the bullshit trope right-wingers like to spin about Democrats and liberals being institutionally racist is just claptrap nonsense. They aren’t wrong when they point out that Democrats in the South during segregation were the racists of the time, but that’s because they were the era’s social conservatives, convinced that giving black people true equality would upset “God’s natural order.”

Where have we heard that line of argument from recently?

That’s right. Republicans.

The very same Republican Party that Lincoln pretty much laid the cornerstone for is now openly supported by racists who would — at an average of one out of every five — object to Lincoln’s emancipation of the slaves. The Republican Party that was risking its lives in the early 20th century registering black southerners to vote is now looking to nominate a man who was endorsed by someone who belonged to a group that specifically was founded to terrorize black southerners. Up is down, down is up, and Donald Trump could be our next president.

No wonder everyone’s pushing to legalize weed in the states, we’re as fuck going to need it.

Granted, there is a furious and fevered effort underway inside the GOP to derail Trump, but do you think you can hazard a guess why? It’s because he’s exposing the truth — that Republicans have utterly relied on the racist vote for decades; it’s just that before Trump they ran commercials with Willie Horton or anonymous black people taking white people’s jobs, instead of outright calling them rapists, drug dealers and murderers. He’s doxing them all, in a way, to the world, and showing that even if they themselves aren’t racist, the GOP power structure has been stoking racist fires and ginning up white supremacists to the point that they are the preferred party of racist Americans, now full stop.



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