There are some universal laws of nature, believe it or not. Such as gravity. Drop something here on Earth, and it will fall, thanks to gravity. So to there are universal laws of politics, and one of them is this: The George W. Bush Administration Was a Never-Ending Cavalcade of Douchery.

Now, look, if you’re a conservative, or even a moderate, you might read this and bristle. You might think, “Bush has been gone for almost eight years, stop making excuses!” But the thing is, I’m not writing this piece to make an excuse for President Obama. The reality that so many conservatives I encounter seem to labor under is that every time a liberal mentions how terrible Dubya and his team were, that we are trying to deflect from some perceived failure of Obama’s or another. That’s not the case here, though undoubtedly there are Obama Acolytes who, just like Dubya Sycophants, can’t accept the reality that their hero is flawed in some way that makes them human.

But the thing is, that while Obama has some really shitty marks on his record (*cough* drones *cough*), the simple truth is that there is no Iraq War on his record. No matter how much righty-tighties will scream about this — the Iraq War is worse than anything Obama has done or will do, and this week we got even more confirmation of this fact. On Politico this week we learned by way of an in-depth piece that our fears about the lies, half-truths and nonsense the Bush Administration packaged together to sell us on the Iraq War are probably all very much so founded.

In the piece, quoted below, we find out that the clear-cut picture of “Iraq has WMD” that they were given at the time was false, which we’ve come to know already, but new evidence shows us just how much we were lied to about what Donald Rumsfeld, then the Secretary of Defense, knew, or  rather didn’t know, about the alleged weapons of mass destruction Saddam Hussein was stockpiling.

“Please take a look at this material as to what we don’t know about WMD,” Rumsfeld wrote to Air Force General Richard Myers. “It is big.”
The report was an inventory of what U.S. intelligence knew—or more importantly didn’t know—about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Its assessment was blunt: “We’ve struggled to estimate the unknowns. … We range from 0% to about 75% knowledge on various aspects of their program.” (Source)

So, basically, at best Rumsfeld and therefore Bush, Cheney, et. all, only had a grasp of about 25% of the alleged weapons program. Or you know in non-political speak, they didn’t know shit about fuck. Yet, there was Condie Rice. There was Colin Powell. There was Dick Cheney. There was Rumsfeld, and there was Bush himself. All of them confidently telling the American people they knew everything we wanted them to know before we bought into their Iraq War plan. I know, of course, many of you reading bought in, but forgive those of us who were still naive young adults, sure that our government wouldn’t lie on such a magnitude in such a way that would get so many people killed.

Maybe it’s a touch of equivocation, but I have a hard time putting Obama, or even Ronald Reagan in the same boat as Dubya and his crew. Yes, Obama has been too willing to kowtow to the military industrial complex for my tastes, and sure Reagan got involved in an illegal arms for hostages swap, but neither of them blatantly and cynically lied about an international weapons program to create a war of profit. This sole fact is why try as they might, Republicans and conservatives will never, ever be able to shake the reputation Rumsfeld helped create for the whole team, if not the party itself.


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