kkk 1 safe spaces racismWell knock my Mississippi ass down with a feather! Some biased liberal over at the Associated Press had the audacity to ignore real news and publish some smear piece undoubtedly designed for the sole purpose of stirring up non-existent racism by saying the KKKK is a for real thing and is still around and have the nerve to proclaim they are getting bigger.
It is mind-numbingly irresponsible of the press to draw attention to an organization that’s only a bunch of civic clubs made up of white Christian men, some of whom are open-minded enough to even allow their women to join in, when all they want to do is hang out together in their white costumes and talk about the up and coming white genocide.

“While today’s Klan has still been involved in atrocities, there is no way it is as violent as the Klan of the ’60s,” said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, an advocacy group that tracks activity by groups it considers extremist. “That does not mean it is some benign group that does not engage in political violence,” he added.

These guys are so devoted to political correctness, some of them have been so kind as to change their name from the Knights of the KKK to the Knights Party USA, and they make sure to hold “lightings” on private property instead of cross-burnings on public property. It’s almost like they’ve been working with a public relations firm or something! Their concern is palpable, and from the heart. You can tell how committed they are by their public chants of: “White Power! Death to the Ungodly! Death to the Enemy!” See? Told ya so!
The biggest question at the moment is exactly how much this not-racist not-hategroup is growing. They are so proud of what they are doing and who they are, nobody can get a really accurate number on them. I went over to the local Bed Bath & Beyond and took my own non-scientific sample study, and I swear they are running low on white sheets, but then I thought that seemed like some high class shit for some low rent racists. I figured I’d do better to see what the experts had to say.

The Alabama-based SPLC says there’s no evidence the Klan is returning to the strength of its heyday. It estimates the Klan has about 190 chapters nationally with no more than 6,000 members total, which would be a mere shadow of its estimated 2 million to 5 million members in the 1920s.
“The idea of unifying the Klan like it was in the ’20s is a persistent dream of the Klan, but it’s not happening,” Potok said.

Despite their claims of growth, it seems the KKK  really isn’t expanding as much as they would like us to believe. However, that is not all great news. In truth, the biggest issue is most of the groups are independent, and most do not welcome neo-Nazis. What they all have in common, though, is they see advancement of their cause in the current political environment. The rise of Donald Trump, closing the borders, stopping immigration, and preserving the white race are the ultimate goals.
Personally, I think the entire KKK is made up of a bunch of crazy cowards. Anyone can don a costume and spout filth and ignorance, and we seem to have an extra-abundance of those folks with an affinity for bed linens here in the South. The true leaders of actual Civil Rights stand up and show their faces, because they know what is right and honorable and true, and they proudly sign their names to it.


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