ToleranceHow much tolerance of your intolerance must I tolerate to not be intolerant?
I’m gonna warn you up front. There ain’t any room for safe spaces here today. If you need one, there’s an “x” in the upper-right corner of this page. Please, use it now. Bless your heart.
No false First Amendment arguments will be tolerated, either. If you need a refresher, please refer to my primer
I am a fan of polite and respectful discourse. I believe we are all different, and as such, we have varying beliefs and tolerance to a degree. If everyone thought the same thing, life would be stale and boring, nothing would change, and we would never be challenged. That would suck.

Something has happened in this country, and I’m not sure exactly what it is. At least, I don’t know when it started. Maybe someone said “fuck” one too many times, and Great-Aunt Mabel got her cotton briefs in a bunch, so the word “offended” got thrown out, and civil discourse suddenly turned into rowdy protests, safe spaces, and an inability for anyone to tolerate someone else having another point of view. Like my Mimi always said, there are at least three sides to every story, and the answer lies somewhere in the middle.
I’ve spent a lot of time lately online, browsing through comments and conversations. I must say my faith in humanity is pretty much nonexistent. Do people honestly think they are going to affect any change in this world by using terms like Libtard, Killary, Obummar, Conservatwat, and Cuckservative? Hell, I can barely take someone seriously who uses “U” instead of “you”. Grow the fuck up.
Hate speech is hate speech. “I disagree with you” is not hate speech. It demeans actual victims of derogatory and inciting language when you cry foul over butt-hurt because you have no concept of tolerance. I have friends with whom I radically disagree on political matters, and we can discuss and debate, agree to disagree, and move on and laugh about the latest crazy ass stunts our kids tried to pull on us.
On the other hand, I posted on Twitter the other day that there was no legal reason for Trump to not release his tax returns (FACT), and the media needed to press him on it, and I had someone rapid-fire Tweet me back like I had insulted her dear sweet sainted mother. By the fifth message, I realized this bored and probably mentally unstable lady had taken it upon herself to get personally insulted on behalf of “the unfairly treated media”, and I was the one-woman aggressor. Sweet Jesus. Blocked.
An extremely wise person once said that opinions are like assholes, and everyone has one. What would happen if we actually came together and expressed those opinions without being insulting, running for our safe-spaces every time we imagine the slightest little disagreement, and act like the adults we actually are?
At the end of the day, I think it is actually pretty simple. The desire and fight to be heard and respected should never be at the expense of another individual or group. We can be tolerant without being intolerant. Don’t you think? With that in mind, we just might thoughtfully communicate and manage to accomplish something together.
And we can steadfastly remain intolerant of unproductive and disrespectful discourse and true hate speech. Because we’re adults, right?



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