So, as one might expect, with the Republican party in control of virtually every aspect of the federal and many local governments, there’s already noise about defunding Planned Parenthood. The same old lies about “abortion factories” and crap like that are circulating again amongst those who decline to have their world views tainted by anything so vulgar as facts.

I’m honestly not even sure why I bother anymore, because it’s been reiterated millions of times, but for the love of all things holy…


Facts don’t change no matter how much you choose to disagree with them, and the facts are that only about three percent of its services are abortions. No matter how many times GOP politicians and pundits and paid “analysts” lie about it, it doesn’t change. That means that defunding Planned Parenthood isn’t about preventing abortions; it’s about weakening the rights of the disadvantaged.

If you defund Planned Parenthood, you are taking away healthcare from women, men, families, all people. Period. If you cannot afford birth control, YOU GO TO PP. And I’m not sure where pro-lifers get off telling poor people they can’t have sex… or that they can’t plan to have children when they choose to? People born into poverty are trapped in poverty because of a lack of education, sex education, and any access to upward mobility (also known as a living wage, affordable housing, access to education that isn’t determined by how poor or wealthy your neighborhood is, etc.), but you lot want to kick them when they’re already down.

You bitch and moan and whine about your tax dollars being wasted on “lazy people” when SNAP beneficiaries (in almost all states) must work a minimum of 20 hours a week, TANF beneficiaries must be enrolled in Ready to Work programs aimed at building job skills, expanding resumes, accessing affordable transportation to get them to work, subsidized child care, and financial literacy classes, and WIC is LITERALLY FOR INFANTS (you know, the ones whom you decided had a sacred right to life from conception to birth, but not after). Planned Parenthood’s services are vital to helping the disadvantaged regain and retain some control of their lives. If you really think people in poverty are the lazy ones, then yes, what you believe is wrong. It’s easier for you to parrot right wing talking points than to actually research, engage with, and understand poverty and how it effects our nation’s 40% of children that live in it. YOU are the lazy ones.

The right to abortion without unnecessary encumbrance from the government is definitely one of the central issues in our society because an “abortion-free culture of life” simply does not exist. If you make abortion illegal, if you defund every organization that makes it safe, it won’t stop abortion; it will just mean that it will be done unsafely.

In states with prohibitive TRAP laws that forced the closings of the majority of clinics, the Google searches are horrifying: How do I end a pregnancy at home, Can I douche with bleach to induce an abortion, Household chemicals that cause abortion, etc… And that’s just for the folks who do not want to bring their pregnancy to term.

For the people who desperately want their children, restrictive abortion laws can force them to do horribly traumatizing things, like give birth to a dead child or have a forced funeral for a miscarriage. Most women who want an abortion do it well before the 20 week mark, when many bans are in place. It’s no coincidence that it’s also around the time when they do fetal testing for genetic defects or abnormalities. While aborting a fetus because of a disability like Down Syndrome is monstrous and an entire issue in itself, it is still the choice of the parent to carry to term or abort a child/fetus with a severe abnormality that will be painful or result in death.

Some women decide to carry to term to spend whatever precious time they may have with their child; other folks decide to spare their child a short, painful life. It is one of the most difficult choices a person can make, and they need to make it without interference from lawmakers who have no idea and will never have any idea what that is like.

People against abortion and healthcare services provided by Planned Parenthood are not dealing in reality, nor are they engaging in basic human decency. If you call yourself “pro-life” because you yourself would never have an abortion, but you wouldn’t try to take away the choice for other women, I’ve got news for you: that’s exactly what pro-choice means. The terms “choice” and “life” are nebulous and limiting, though they convey their meanings fairly succinctly. You are not “pro-life” if you are against SNAP, TANF, WIC and other social support programs for people in poverty. You are not “pro-life” if you support legislation and legislators that allow faith-based hospitals (aka Catholic) to deny women life-saving abortions (and no, going to another hospital is not always an option when it’s life or death and the availability of medical providers is scarce; that’s a privilege many women don’t have). You are not “pro-life” if you are against the ACA or its many provisions (elimination of lifetime caps can be death sentences to the disabled, as are preexisting conditions), Medicaid, or a single-payer system.

If you call yourself “pro-life” but stop caring about the welfare of the child once it exits its parent, then you are not “pro-life,” you are pro-birth, and that’s it.

If you actually care about life, you’ll join the fight against the GOP’s vision of America, where a fetus is sacred but the 40% of American children living in poverty, hunger, and food insecurity are not. And if you don’t, you can shut your damn mouth and get out of the way.


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