Well, they did it. After nearly a year of looking like incompetent, monkeys-fucking-footballs level of stupid, legislators, the Republicans in Congress won a pretty major political victory today…

…and all I got out of the deal was this louse déjà poo.

The irony of them complaining for years that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare/SOCIALIST TAKEOVER OF AMURIKA) was rushed through Congress without a single opposition party vote, in the dead of night, without any regard for what the legislation would do to the American economy, and then passing the Fuck Your Middle Class Tax and Jobs Act of 2017 will never hit them. But it tickles me so. It’s hypocrisy the likes of which only truly partisan-blind morons can excuse…and excuse it they will.

…I will only be dealing with my severe case of déjà poo.

The Days of Trickle Down are here again! Just wait for it. No, really just keep waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and waiting….and waiting…and waiting for it. I promise you, once the investor and oligarchic class get their much-needed tax break, they will have so much extra money they’ll have no other option but to shower it to down to those of us in the pleb class. Really, it’ll happen.  Even if they flat-out are telling us to our faces they won’t trickle a goddamn thing down, you have to have faith!

…me, though, I just have to get over my case of déjà poo.

More than 80% of the tax cuts will go to the richest people in the country. “But they pay the most taxes already,” you will bleat at me if you’re a Republican. And then I’ll just tell you that since they control so much of the goddamned money, it would only make sense they’d pay more because they can, and they kinda need us grist people to keep their machines churning. Even though they’re the lords and ladies of a consumer-based economy, for some reason the people with the huge bank accounts don’t seem to really care about consumers actually being able to afford to consume things.

…of course, I just have to worry about whether my déjà poo will consume me.

After decades, literal decades, of them crying and pissing and moaning about debts and the deficits that cause them, the GOP is going to blow a trillion and a half dollar hole in the budget that could absolutely crater our economy. But fear not, libtards! We have the magic of the Laffer Curve! We have the voodoo of the supply side! All we have to do is grow our economy at rates it’s never grown before, and we’ll plug that hole right up. If that doesn’t work, we’ll just cut Medicare and Social Security, because if we don’t need consumers, we sure as hell don’t need elderly or poor consumers.

…we just need everyone to ignore their own senses of déjà poo.

We he have been here before. The same party selling the same pack of lies to the same ignorant masses who truly believe they’re all just a government spending cut away from being millionaires themselves. They have no idea about the Panama Papers, and how they mean that not only can the rich afford to pay what we’re asking them to, they can afford to pay orders of magnitude more. But the Republican Party needs us all to forget about how the last time they did this, with George W. Bush, it was ultimately very devastating for the middle class, and the time before that with Ronald Reagan was even worse. We must take our pills and forget all about being utterly shit on by the GOP’s co-dependent relationship to their apathetic, sociopathic donors time and time again, every time they get control of our tax code.

Déjà poo is that feeling you get, like you’ve been shit on like this before. Those who don’t learn from their feelings of déjà poo are doomed to get it again…and again…and again…and again…and…


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