Hey, conservatives of America? You know you hate being labeled as racists? Well…

By now, the story of the horrific kidnapping, torture, and abuse of a white male with special needs at the hands of four African Americans has probably blown up your social media. If it hasn’t, you can read this piece I’m linking below to get caught up on it. I’m not going to link the video that’s available of the actual crime because the idiotic perpetrators were stupid enough to Facebook Live it. That would be re-victimizing the man who was assaulted.

Violent assault live-streamed on Facebook in Chicago, police say

CHICAGO – Chicago, which just had one of its most violent years ever, was the scene of another horrifying attack this week. Four suspects are in custody after a disturbing live-streamed video of a duct-taped man allegedly being tortured on Chicago’s West Side, CBS Chicago reported.

Let me as clear as I can be: There is no excuse, ever, in both the known and unknown universes to carry out such a horrible act on anyone.

I think Donald Trump is the pluperfect moron who encapsulates the racial animus and bald faced ignorance of his electorate, and I think he’s a danger to this country and world stability in general. That said, no one should be kidnapped and tortured for their political beliefs. I’m not even sure how these assholes would have even known what their victims’ presidential preference.

It’s important for me, a liberal, to condemn this shit because conservatives all over the country are losing their minds and saying we liberals don’t care. I care a lot, actually, because I know dipshit racist fuckwits will use this incident as propaganda to fuel their racism and turn otherwise non-racist conservatives into tacit racists. They’ll say, “See? The libtards don’t care when a white guy is the victim. They’re actually the racists.” That’s dumb.

You know what else is dumb? Trying to conflate this crime with Black Lives Matter because, I guess, the alleged criminals’ skin is black. That’s pretty dumb, right? To use the skin color of one group of criminals to cast aspersions on an entire community? That seems like only moron stuff, right?

Well, cue the right-wing freakout machine 3…2…1…

First up, known racist and white nationalist Mike Cernovich whines about how BLM has to disavow these vicious attackers because we expect Trump, as the next president, to disavow racist crimes carried out in his name. Keep in mind, that again, the attackers themselves never fucking once mentioned Black Lives Matter.


So of course, this leads to getting these kinds of tweets sent by people who don’t even understand what BLM is:

The right-wing reaction to their perception of no reaction from the left is why we can’t have nice things. Their assumption that we’d all praise these cowardly assholes for preying upon someone because he voted for Trump is as hypocritical as you can get. We’re always being told not to assume that every red state Religious Righty-Tighty is anti-equality just because Clem goes off half-cocked on a Facebook comment thread, right?

In fact, the conservative response to this crime demonstrates an innate racism that some of them possess. Essentially, we’re being told by conservative pundits that literally every crime that a black person commits now is the fault of Black Lives Matter. We should accept, they argue, that police are going to kill black suspects because they think BLM condones hate crimes.


So, does that mean to conservatives I can consider every white, conservative Christian a potential mass murderer because of Dylan Roof or Tim McVeigh? Of course not. So why do they get to do the same to BLM over this crime?

Because it keeps them from admitting police brutality and racism are problems, that’s why. It keeps them from reckoning with the fact that their side likes to pay lip service to personal accountability but jumps at the chance to generalize about liberals, Democrats, black people, immigrants, LGBTQ people…the list is as long as Donald Trump’s dick is not.

If they can just generalize and lie about Black Lives Matter, inventing a narrative about a crime that simply does not exist, then they can absolve themselves of having any fucks to give about social injustice.

After all, how many of them have told you that they voted for Trump simply to rebuke Social Justice Warriors? Think about that. They elected a grossly unqualified shit stain of humanity just because they’re tired of being told they shouldn’t pick on black people, gay people, or women for being black, gay or women.

One big reason why the left isn’t freaking out about this story as much is that justice is already being served. The people caught on video committing this crime are already behind bars. In fact, despite conservative protests to the contrary,  they were even charged with hate crimes. Yes, you read that correctly. Right-wingers were actually bitching about hate crime charges not being filed yet, because they’re tit-for-tat motherfuckers if ever there were any.

In other words, the system itself isn’t ignoring the crime, so there’s no real need for hyperbolic or overwhelming outrage.

When liberals get pissed about Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Philandro Castile, Tamir Rice, Tyre King, and Sandra Bland (to just name the most high-profile cases), it’s because of the perception that no one on the right actually cares about these obvious miscarriages of justice. We get angry because conservatives seem to simply not give a fuck that due process was totally subverted.

The outrage comes when there’s inaction, which is the direct opposite of what’s already happened in this case.

The long and the short of this story is actually pretty simple, if you ask this clown. The crime we’re talking about is absolutely terrible, and there is no defense or excuse for it. But the right’s reaction to it has been fucked-up, too. In seeking attention for the crime, they’ve managed to group all BLM protesters with the criminals, and have essentially made racist rhetoric out of it. Put concisely: BLM has a righteous reason to be angry, so do people who know about this crime, and the two don’t cancel each other out.

So unless conservatives want to keep getting branded as racist reactionaries, they should shut the fuck up and focus on the victim of the crime, not victimizing themselves by proxy.

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