After the State of Texas passed campus carry last year, I thought they pretty much had everyone covered for guns. The Second Amendment was as open as it was going to get. Well, the joke is on me! Now state Representative Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R-Bedford) has proposed legislation to do away with the requirement for training or a license. House Bill 375 was brought up for a public hearing yesterday.

Deranged and delusional white men have now spoken out, declaring the existing gun regulations to be just like slavery!

Rick Briscoe, a representative of Open Carry Texas, said the requirement to obtain a license was akin to slavery.

Another witness testifying in favor of the bill called his license to carry document a “slave pass.” (CI)

Obviously they have a sound, historically accurate concept of the hell on earth slaves faced daily when toiling under the hot sun for their ancestors. The current training class does last four to six hours AND require a fingerprint check. I wonder how he feels about his driver’s license?

From Open Carry Texas‘ website:

Unfortunately Texas is not as gun-friendly as most people think.

As of January 1, 2016, Texas moved an inch closer to the constitutional principles both the state and nation were founded upon. While we were successful in getting licensed open carry passed, our ultimate goal will always be constitutional carry – if you can legally own and purchase a gun, you should be able to legally carry that gun without begging for government permission in the form of a license and 2nd Amendment tax.

As we fight for constitutional carry, and seek to reduce government regulation related to the wearing and bearing of arms, we must first educate Texans about current gun and weapons related laws.

Anyway, law enforcement officers from all of the major cities in Texas have testified that this type of law would make their jobs harder; they would no longer even be able to ask open carriers if they had a license for the weapon. One retired police officer, however, offered a different and colorful perspective.

A retired police officer, Randall Gates, called those members of law enforcement testifying at the hearing “snowflake police, pencil pushers.”

He said “real police” can smell which people carrying guns are criminals and which are not. He said these officers won’t have to worry about coming across someone carrying a gun and wondering whether they are legally carrying—because they will know.

Eau de Criminal must be an exclusive in Texas.

The State of Mississippi passed “Constitutional Carry” last year, which is what the gun nuts are calling this type of legislation. Currently twelve states offer concealed carry without a license. In Mississippi, the law includes exceptions for schools, universities, and businesses that post properly. If the gun is concealed, it must be in a sheath or a holster.

There is a point at which deregulation has gone too far, and I personally believe that when our lawmakers quit listening to our police officers about guns, we have a serious problem. There is no moderate, reasonable discourse anymore. The extreme voices are the only ones being heard and acted upon. We will not make positive changes in crime rates and gun deaths until we are able to go back to reason.


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