Despite repeated attempts to convince the State of Texas there are, in fact, twenty-seven amendments to the Constitution, and the entire document is a Take-It-or-Take It proposition, Obama’s Liberal Justice Department has officially given up and decided Texas is a hopeless, lost cause.

Dear Texans: The Second Amendment is not the only amendment in the Constitution! We know you have a tendency to forget the rest of them, but we swear to you, they are in there. You can get your very own free copy from the nice folks at the ACLU right here! (I know how much you love them.) Please familiarize yourself with it and pass it along to your friends.

Specifically, the fourteenth amendment provides that no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction “the equal protection of the laws”.

On Friday, the Texas Supreme Court refused to review a lower court ruling holding that cities may not deprive married same-sex couples the benefits it provides to opposite-sex couples. The court’s decision leaves in place a pro-equality ruling that forbids the government from discriminating against gay people for no good reason. But one judge, Justice John Devine, argued that his court should have taken the case and reversed the lower court’s judgment. His opinion is an ominous sign that conservative judges are striving to work around Obergefell v. Hodges and affirm the constitutionality of state-sponsored anti-gay discrimination. source

How many times do we have to go over this? The Supreme Court is the final arbiter of the law. They are the big bosses. Every time they pass a law, the State of Texas goes back to the drawing board and makes up new ones to try and get around it. Then back through the courts we go.

Obergefell, the justice argued, was strictly limited to gay people’s fundamental right to marry. So long as a state does not revoke that right, it can deprive same-sex couples of other benefits guaranteed to opposite-sex couples. Specifically, Devine wrote, the government can refuse to give spousal benefits to its gay employees because they are gay.

Why should Texas be permitted to deprive same-sex couples of the benefits provided to opposite-sex couples? Because the state has an “interest in encouraging procreation.” Devine speculates that “offering certain benefits to opposite-sex couples would encourage procreation within marriage.”

Oh Texas. The Tea Patriot who wrote this masterpiece has a background of insisting he’s absolutely not a racist when he’s accused of saying,  “I can beat a guy with a Mexican last name.” He’s a Ted Cruz wanna-be in a robe. This is the summary from the Dallas Monthly in 2013:

John Devine, an anti-abortion activist and self-styled “Ten Commandments Judge,” will become one of Texas’s nine Supreme Court justices early next year, as the Democrats are not fielding a candidate for the seat in the November election.

Devine, who describes himself as a “strict constitutional constructionist” on his campaign website, first gained national attention when he refused to remove a painting of the Ten Commandments inside his courtroom. These credentials appealed to conservative organizations, and groups including the Eagle Forum, Concerned Women of Texas, and the Liberty Institute rallied behind the 53-year-old candidate in recent months, helping to cement his identity as a hyper-conservative of the Tea Party variety, the Austin American-Statesman‘s Chuck Lindell reported. “The Tea Party pushed us over the top,” Devine said of his victory.

There was not a Democratic candidate in the race. This is what happens America.


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