Remember when 20 first graders were obliterated with an AR-15 by a mentally unstable person and then Congress tried to get universal background checks passed and it failed because the NRA were dicks and floated the notion that universal background checks are just a bus stop on the route to a national gun registry and they said that amounts to a list of every gun and its owner?
Um…why exactly is it a bad thing?
You call us a “citizen militia.” Doesn’t any good regiment keep solid tabs on where their munitions are? Wouldn’t it be really handy if we were invaded and we knew who we could go to for help repelling our borders? Oh right, gun nuts get freaked out because they think that confiscating all the guns  — an impossible task if ever there was one — is all of the sudden completely possible just because the government knows where the guns are.
They say there are too many guns out there to be effective…so wouldn’t that mean the gun registry wouldn’t be helpful in a confiscation effort? The number of guns that are on the streets doesn’t go down just because we have a list of law abiding gun owners.
For all intents and purposes we have a registry of cars that are driven in this country, if you combine the lists of registered vehicles of all 50 states. It’s not hard for law enforcement agencies to communicate with one another and share the registration details of one cars. For law enforcement agencies looking for a suspected criminal, It’s helpful to be able to track a car and it’s owner across state lines.
The same could be done with a gun used in a crime.
You could try to use the collective strength of the United States Armed Forces to march troops into homes to confiscate every gun they find. The problem with that scenario is that a) it’d be completely unconstitutional so any order to do so would result in almost immediate impeachment  and b) our soldiers are not mindless robots and they know about the aforementioned unconstitutionality of that scenario playing out.

That leaves the only way to truly have a gun-free America — Americans voluntarily disarming themselves. Perhaps if one day we’ve evolved as a society to where poverty is so low that the necessity for crime is reduced enough and Americans feel safe, we’d give up our guns.
HAHA! LOL! Sorry, I just was temporarily on mushrooms. We’re never fucking giving up our freedom cannons! EVER!
If Sandy Hook wasn’t enough to shake us, and if Orlando isn’t enough to shake us, then really, the gun control debate probably is settled in this country on some level, isn’t it?
A national gun registry could be treated much the same as the DMV treats your car. You don’t have to register your car. You can keep it on your private property and never run into a problem with the law. If you’re willing to limit your use of that car to your own property, we don’t care.
You won’t be a danger out on the open road, so drive that Buick all over your backyard, feel free.
Could law-abiding gun owners want to have a registry of guns and where they are? That way when a crime is committed with a gun, the first step in the investigation is cross-referencing the ballistics of the gun used in the crime against the gun registry. It could immediately discount millions of potential perpetrators, and would exonerate registered gun owners who happen to use and own the same kind of gun used in the crime. It would be insurance against being wrongfully accused of a crime using your gun.
“What about the Constitution,” you say?
“Shall not be infringed,” you shout.
A simple roster of who owns a gun, and what kind of gun they own does not impede someone from purchasing a gun. All it does is ask that if you feel the need to exercise that right, that you also agree to be registered for the sake of public safety. The Founders never meant for the Second Amendment to protect us from our own government, and in fact it was meant as a de facto way for us to protect it.
Gun nuts love to argue that they should have the same firepower as the police; you know, to make sure they can resist the police state and so on. Every cops’ gun has a serial number and every serial number is kept in a database somewhere. Shouldn’t gun owners have to adhere to the same standards and protocols with their firearms as the police do, by their logic?
You can’t have it both ways. If you want a populace armed to the teeth as if everyone in America is a member of a police force, then you should be willing for every gun owner to be treated like a member of the law enforcement or armed forces communities. If you want to have a more free and open policy with the guns you are allowed to own and keep, you should be willing to submit to the same rigorous demands we put on our law enforcement officers and military for training and certification.
With freedom comes great responsibility.
Despite knowing the government cannot and will not send people to your door for your guns, you might still be skeptical about a gun registry. You might be worried about the registry being hacked by criminals and someone coming to steal your guns right? After all, if it’s not the government taking your guns, it’ll be those pesky criminals — and without a background check no less! However, it occurs to me that if a national gun registry were created, and if that registry were stolen, and if the criminals in this country could find your name and address and come to your house…
…you’d finally get a chance to show us all how good those guns are at protecting your home and your property.



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