When Donald J. Trump stuck his foot in his mouth (again) last week over finding a way to dole out “punishments” to women who get abortions after he helps make them illegal again, everyone from all over the political spectrum — right, left, center — roundly condemned him. It was no surprise that his biggest threat to the GOP nomination, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), was quick to chastise him for such comments.

Too bad Cruz is just as much a vicious pyschopath toward women as Trump, huh?

No man who thinks the federal government has a right to force a victim of rape or incest to carry a pregnancy born out of said rape to full-term and deliver it can call themselves anything but “inhumane.” Okay, well, actually I have a short list of other adjectives that can be used to describe the kinds of people who believe a rape victim hasn’t quite been abused enough.

  • Sociopath
  • Misanthrope
  • Douchebag
  • Asshole
  • Republican
  • Ted Cruz

Make no mistake, Cruz’s position on rape babies isn’t some old bit of rhetoric dug up out of the archives. Just yesterday he told Megyn Kelly he doesn’t think rape or incest victims should have the ability to end a pregnancy if it came from their being assaulted. Even Kelly was taken aback by this arcane stance of Cruz’s and pushed back, trying to elicit a somewhat humane response from the Christian Dominionist, but Cruz wouldn’t back down, as seen in the clip below.

When even Megyn Kelly, mouthpiece of conservatism, thinks your views are old fashioned AF, you might want to consider changing course. But don’t hold your breath for Republicans do get this. They’re dead convinced they can still win the culture war, even if they’ve managed to put a few Republican presidents in office since Roe V. Wade was decided and none of those presidents, or any ensuing Republican-controlled congresses, has actually done anything concrete on the federal level other than bullshit Planned Parenthood crusades that just hurt poor women seeking healthcare.

Make no mistake, there are indeed millions of Americans who don’t and won’t find anything wrong with Cruz’s rhetoric. These people are convinced the mighty hand of God herself is directing them to block access to abortion clinics and tell rape victims — who could be of any pubescent or later age — they just have to suck it up and have that rape baby. Hence why average, thinking Americans say, “That’s crazy bullshit” and vote against Republicans in droves in presidential election cycle years.

I went to a Promise Keepers convention the summer before I turned 14. They split us off from our dads and put us in a room and told us that we had to make sure the Supreme Court stayed conservative because of all the millions of our peers who had already been “murdered.” This, by the way, was 1994. So this is nothing new. And even back then they just side-stepped the inhumanity of re-victimizing a rape victim by making you solely focus on that poor, unborn baby in her womb. Absolutely disgusting? Sure. But it also shows how deeply ingrained this bullshit is, and how important it is for us to fight against it and never give up.

Anyone who thinks that Cruz doesn’t also believe that women who get abortions in a world where they’re illegal should be thrown in jail is either deluding themselves or is lying to you because they feel the same way. They call abortion doctors “baby killers” and anyone who has spent ten minutes on conservative Facebook pages can tell you how many of them call women “sluts” for having the gall to have sex for pleasure like evolution has allowed us to do, or suggest that just “closing their legs” will prevent all abortions.

What a lucky thing to be — conservative. Because you get to haughtily ignore reality all while accusing liberals of doing the same.



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