In Toledo, Ohio, a cake baker at Take the Cake Bakery is being unfairly targeted and called a bigot just because she went to the Facebook page of her customer, found out she was gay, and then refused to make her a birthday cake. Poor Christian lady is singled out for her beliefs. Oh, the horror!
According to the local NBC affiliate, Amanda and Candice Lowe were relaxing and enjoying their honeymoon in Florida when Candice received a loving and concerned Christian text message from the owner of the Take the Cake Bakery informing her:

“Candice, I’m sorry…I just realized your (sic) in a same sex relationship and we do not do cakes for same sex weddings or parties…I’m so sorry. I wasn’t aware of this exactly until I saw your page. Take care :)”

Oh, that smiley face makes it all better! God would be so proud. So how did the baker even know her religious beliefs were being compromised by baking a cake for a gay person’s birthday?

The poor persecuted soul was obviously told by Jesus to pull some serious trickery to snoop around on her customers so she could make sure they were living according to her interpretation of the Bible.

The couple was shocked that they would experience something like this day and age, but more surprised by the fact the bakery owner took the time to figure out their sexual orientation – through Facebook. “She asked me what my Facebook handle was because she tags you in photos with the cake,” said Candice. “Then, I got the text message.”
After Candice posted a screen shot of the text message on Facebook, it quickly received hundreds of shares and reactions, all in support of the newlyweds. As for Take the Cake’s page, negative comments and those in support of the same-sex couple now fill page.

No! Evil heathens have come after her and are punishing her just for being a “Great Christian”? What better way to witness to the world the love of Jesus than by cherry-picking which beliefs you enforce via your cake baking business?
And what is it with cakes anyway? Was there a Homophobic Cakery University scheme at some point the rest of us missed out on?
The state of Ohio does not have anti-LGBT discrimination laws in place, so the couple went to another bakery, who fortunately was able to fulfill their request at the last minute. In the meantime, I’m sure the Christian Right and Todd Starnes will jump in and rescue their new Poster Child for Persecution and start a GoFundMe account to raise an absurd amount of money to reward the owner of Take the Cake Bakery for being a judgmental bitch.
Is it me, or does it seem like the way to rescue a fledgling business these days is to “take a stand” for an absurd and outdated “religious belief”, become an overnight victim at the expense of an actual disenfranchised minority group, and raise a whole bunch of money off of gullible and self-righteous Bible thumpers? Does the IRS need to add a line to the 1040 Schedule C for this? Right now it is not considered income, but it is rapidly becoming a sustainable business model for the Religious Right.


    • Yep, Jesus said it, page 798, Don’t be making cakes for the lezbos, right after he said it’s cool to own slaves and before he said it’s cool to beat your spouse. Jesus making ‘murica great again!


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