Despite promising to drain the swamp and bring in outsiders, the Trump cabinet will be filled with establishment politicians, billionaires, and lobbyists, many of whom espouse beliefs in direct contradiction to his campaign promises.

Shocker! Don the Con is still conning!

Below is a summary of the band of misfits that have been assembled for the Trump cabinet thus far.

Treasury Secretary – Stephen Mnuchin – No, he did not give speeches at Goldman Sachs; he worked there for seventeen years. Afterwards, he had a very controversial stint at OneWest Bank, at one point leading to protests on his front lawn. Mnuchin’s main target aligns with Trump’s – the dismantling of Dodd-Frank. Who better to oversee that than a guy whose bank stayed in trouble over bad loans and disproportionate foreclosures and harassment?(thedailybeast)

Director of Office of Management and Budget – Gary Cohn (under consideration), Goldman Sachs President. Because if one Golden Guy isn’t enough, have two!

Attorney General – Jeff Sessions – Former Alabama State Attorney General and US Senator, he was denied a federal judgeship due to his litany of racist comments and behavior. He’s also adamantly anti-LGBTQ.

To cap it all off, he immediately came to the defense of Donald Trump in the wake of “Pussygate” while declaring “I don’t characterize that as sexual assault. I think that’s a stretch. I don’t know what he meant…” (LiberalAtheist)

Secretary of Health and Human Services – Tom Price – The six-term Georgia Congressman is also an orthopedic surgeon. He’s a Tea Party anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, climate change denying, NPR hating whackado who has twice failed to have his deceptively named Empowering Patients First Act passed to replace the ACA. Doctors will get malpractice reform, and patients will get the power to put more of their own cash in Healthcare Savings Accounts, power to pay taxes on employer-provided insurance benefits (over a certain amount), and the power to pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster if they have high-risk, preexisting conditions.

Secretary of Commerce – Wilbur Ross – He made his billions in steel and coal. He owned the Sago Mine where a dozen miners were killed; it had safety violations against it. Also, he is against free trade agreements, so we can look forward to massively improved relations with Mexico while we’re erecting Trump USA Fencewall.

US Ambassador to the UN – Gov. Nikki Haley – Despite her limited foreign policy experience, she is arguably one of the least terrifying appointments so far. Haley spoke against Trump until the Convention, when she warily endorsed him. She is a little more moderate, although she still has strong conservative values. Don’t worry, she still opposes LGBTQ, gun control, immigration except her parents’, and women’s right to choose, but she did disavow racism and the KKK both last year and during the primaries. And yes, in 2016, the Swamp Thing List is so bad it seems necessary to make that point.

Secretary of Education – Betsy DeVos – A billionaire thanks to Amway and Blackwater, DeVos is a Calvinist, although her focus is supposedly more on vouchers than Creationism. She has no issues mixing church and state, preferring to use government money to subsidize private, religious education. She has no professional education experience, but the Heritage Foundation loves her. Trump’s proposal is to use $20 billion in federal money and have states kick in $110 billion, enough for each child living in poverty to receive $12,000 per year towards private school. It is unclear how Paul Ryan and other anti-food stamp, anti-welfare, anti-school lunch Christians feel about this type of entitlement.

Unfortunately the Trump cabinet horror movie is real.



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