We have establishment politicians, billionaires, and lobbyists, many of whom espouse beliefs in direct contradiction to Trump’s campaign promises. Our first installment looked at detail into:

  • Treasury Secretary: Stephen Mnuchin
  • Director of Office of Management and Budget: Gary Cohn
  • Attorney General: Jeff Sessions
  • Secretary of Health and Human Services: Tom Price
  • Secretary of Commerce: Wilbur Ross
  • US Ambassador to the UN: Gov. Nikki Haley
  • Secretary of Education: Betsy DeVos

The latest appointments include:

Secretary of Small Business Administration – Linda McMahon – The former wrastlin’ CEO was one of the biggest donors to Trump’s campaign and also to the Trump Foundation over the years. Questions remain to the nature of the charitable contributions; were they made in lieu of payments for appearances? Hopefully McMahon can assist with making some sense out of this nightmarish soap opera of a dumpster fire.

Department of Housing and Urban Development – Ben Carson – Brain surgeon and former Republican nominee hopeful Carson, who once stated he “feels he has no government experience; he’s never run a federal agency,” changed his mind and took the job, probably after a refreshing nap.

During his campaign, he expressed a sweeping opposition to many government programs devised to end poverty, which he said had replaced church-based and other community initiatives. “We the people have the responsibility to take care of the indigent in our society,” he said at a Republican town hall-style event in February. “It’s not the government’s job.” (NYT)

Labor Secretary – Andrew Pudzer – The CEO of the best chicken biscuits I’ve ever eaten is completely anti-labor. He opposes worker protections, overtime pay, and the ACA because it takes money away from people to spend eating out. He favors increasing automation because machines are “always polite, they always upsell, they never take a vacation, they never show up late, there’s never a slip-and-fall or an age, sex or race discrimination case.” (Bus insider) Maybe he can work on replacing the incoming president with one.

CIA Director – Mike Pompeo – With a background in law and the US Army Calvary, Pompeo had his own aerospace company before he was elected to government in 2010 during the first Tea Party wave. His main goal is to get rid of the “disastrous” nuclear deal with Iran.  Considering his ability to waste impressive loads of taxpayer dollars investigating Clinton personally for Benghazi, he’s probably a perfect fit for this job, especially if it involves the torture of the American people.

EPA Administrator – Scott Pruitt – The Oklahoma Attorney General has been on the wrong side of the EPA for most of his career. Over fifteen years, the fossil fuel industry has donated more than $300,000 to him, and he once allowed an Oklahoma oil and gas company to use his letterhead to write a complaint to the EPA. He sues the EPA, opposes protections, regulations, and clean power, and is a denier of climate change. Or basically whatever Exxon tells him to believe while they cut him a check.

Like many elected Republicans, Pruitt has questioned the overwhelming scientific evidence that climate change is spurred by human activity. “That debate is far from settled,” he wrote in May.

“Scientists continue to disagree about the degree and extent of global warming and its connection to the actions of mankind.” (Guardian)

Defense Secretary – James Mattis – Congress will need to issue a waiver to allow the three years retired Marine serve in the civilian position. “Mad Dog” is respected on the Hill, and he talked Trump back from his initial promises of bringing back torture. He might be worth an exception when compared to everyone else.

Homeland Security Secretary – John F Kelly – Also considered well qualified, Kelly served under Mattis in Iraq in 2003. His primary concerns are the drugs coming through and illegal immigration. (FP)

National Security Advisor – Michael Flynn – This one is just a mess. His son and chief of staff was recently fired for spreading fake news (including pizzagate). He was charged and convicted of giving out classified information and obstructing justice. He is currently on probation. He has always had a tendency to indulge in conspiracy theories, so he should be right at home in this dumpster fire of an administration. (Atlantic)

It is worth mentioning that Trump’s platinum plated cabinet has a combined net worth of $14 billion, which is 30 times more than President George W. Bush’s White House. And Trump isn’t even halfway finished!



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