If you elect Donald Trump as your next president, America, you are electing a future war criminal.

Now, I’m not saying Trump is a war criminal as I’m writing this. I’m saying that his rhetoric makes it obvious to everyone that he’d be one. At least that’s if you can take anything the man says as something he genuinely believes, which is in my mind the only thing that really makes him “dangerous.” I’ve written recently about how unafraid of the bewigged, bloviating, bloated, bombastic bastard I am now, but after hearing and reading his comments on the Belgium terror attack, I think it’s innocent people in other countries that have something to fear.

On the “Today” show, Donald straight-up said torture would be cool with him.

“Frankly, the waterboarding, if it was up to me, and if we changed the laws or had the laws, waterboarding would be fine,” Trump said. “If they could expand the laws, I would do a lot more than waterboarding. You have to get the information from these people. (source)

Understand I’m not about to tell you that every person suspected of terrorist activity is innocent, but torture is wrong, full-stop. There is never, ever a justification for it. Ignoring the fact that it immediately turns you into a terrorist yourself, it also has been shown time and again to not produce any intelligence that can’t be ascertained in other, non-torturous ways. When Trump tells the world he thinks we should go back to waterboarding suspected terrorists, it makes me feel like there would be a lot of unassuming Muslims who will be nearly drowned by the Trump administration.

He’s playing a very dangerous game with his rhetoric. This kind of blind hatred of Islamic people that’ he’s encouraging will absolutely get more people killed. Innocent civilians will be drone struck and revenge attacks carried out by Daesh and Al Qaeda will increase under Trump’s presidency, there is no doubt in my mind. Because as much as checks and balances might stop him from tanking the country’s economy or making being Muslim illegal in this country, we all know our congress critters love to hand money by the truck load over to the Pentagon. So I feel fairly confident in my assumption that dude will be vicious, bloody hawk.

Or he won’t. And that again is what makes him so dangerous. But, how can we not take him on face value when he suggests we should close our borders to all Islamic refugees and immigrants?

“I would close up our borders to people until we figure out what’s going on,” he said on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.” (source)

The Donald Trump is Hitler meme isn’t quite fully accurate, of course. But as my good friend Manny pointed out this week, there are some very striking similarities in how Hitler rose to power, and the rhetoric between the two, especially when it comes to people from other countries and cultures, is staggeringly similar. It’s downright embarrassing that Trump has as much support as he does. As an American, hell as a human, he’s not espousing anything that anyone who remotely considers themselves evolved would be proud to be associated with, but while he’s not commanding the number of delegates he needs yet, the odds are very long that he won’t be the nominee.

So what do we do? Fucked if I know. It seems pretty obvious that we don’t want a potential war criminal in the Oval Office, but then again, we elected George W. Bush twice in this country, and the second time was well-after we knew the Iraq War as a total sham. I guess what I’m saying is that Trump’s reaction to the Belgium attacks should disqualify him in every thinking person’s mind from the presidency, but I have absolutely zero faith that will end up being the case.

We’re either living in truly insane times and are about to witness a decline in our nation’s standing, or not, because Trump is utterly full of shit and nothing that comes out of his mouth is really what he wants, thinks or feels. So he’s either a fascist or he plays a good one on TV.

Who else needs a mind-altering chemical or two?




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