I thought this was fully dispensed with in the nineties, but no, it resurfaced like a bad acid trip. Never mind Bill isn’t running for office, the Trumpistas are hollering about having a rapist in the White House and his enabler as the President.

Deep breath. Bang head into wall. Deep breath. Okay.

The most important point to understand is Broaddrick was extremely unreliable. Per the New York Times:

Mrs. Broaddrick denied the encounter in an affidavit in January 1998 in the Paula Jones case, in which she was known only as ”Jane Doe No. 5.” Through all those years, she refused to come forward.

She was so inconsistent, Ken Starr declined to bring any charges whatsoever. <source>

Additional attacks include the charge that Clinton threatened Broaddrick in an attempt to keep her quiet. Per the record, this is “the threat”:

“Hillary was asking and someone pointed right toward me,” Broaddrick said of the party, a campaign event in 1978. “She immediately came over to me and she said how grateful she was for all I was doing for them.”
Clinton made no explicit mention of the alleged rape, Broaddrick said, “She just looked me in the eyes and said that — it was the strangest thing in the world.”

In a later interview, Broaddrick was asked directly if anyone had threatened her.

Myers: “Did Bill Clinton or anyone near him ever threaten you, try to intimidate you, do anything to keep you silent?”
Broaddrick: “No.”
Myers: “This has been strictly your choice.”
Broaddrick: “Yes.”
Broaddrick says she was determined to keep the incident quiet.

Finally, it really was an easy call to let this one go. Yes, Bill had a history of cheating. He has a history. Bill Press of CNN’s Crossfire put together an impressive reasoning for why he felt there was no basis to the allegations. Excerpts below, see source for full bullet-pointed list:

If true, Bill Clinton doesn’t belong in the White House. He belongs in jail. He should have been prosecuted then. He should resign now.

The problem is, there’s no way to prove she’s telling the truth. The alleged incident happened 21 years ago. There is no physical evidence. There are no medical records. No telephone records. No scheduling records. No hotel records. No police records. It’s totally her word against his.

Juanita Broaddrick never went to the police, she told NBC-TV’s Lisa Meyers, because she was sure no one would believe her and because she felt guilty for inviting Clinton to her hotel room. No doubt, she’s right about that. Twenty years ago, rape was rarely reported because, too often, women were ashamed and, in fact, were held responsible, especially if the rapist were someone she knew.

But, if Broaddrick’s story sounds familiar, it also sounds fishy–and raises too many questions for me to believe her.

* Broaddrick says she can remember every detail of the rape, except the month and day it occurred. If it scarred her for life, wouldn’t she remember the date? Or at least the month?

The truth is, we don’t know. And we’ll never know. But we do know this. We know that Starr’s investigators talked to Broaddrick and listened to her story–and decided not to pursue it. That, in itself, casts huge doubts on Broaddrick’s credibility. If Starr would impeach Clinton for oral sex, he would certainly indict or impeach him for rape, if he could prove it. Which nobody can.

Yes, it’s disturbing to hear the president of the United States accused of rape. But it’s even more disturbing to see an innocent man condemned, without the evidence. In this case, the evidence against Clinton is simply not there.

In the end, once you remove Broaddrick from the equation, you end up with a couple who has been married a number of years, one of whom is a serial philanderer…with consenting adults. And that is between his wife and him, and nobody else.

The only reason this was ever part of the national conversation was the accidental and incidental discovery during the Whitewater investigation, which also revealed nothing.

Please feel free to use all the sourced links. Let’s be done with this one already! It has been fully investigated, by people who wanted nothing more than to bring down the Clintons, and they were unable to find anything at all. If our justice system means anything at all, Let. It. Go.


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