What the ever-loving-fuck is wrong with you? I don’t understand, frankly, how anyone could seriously consider voting for Donald Trump in November. But, hey, unto each their own…well, at least until the bewigged orange-tinted bloviator went off half-cocked and implied that President Barack Obama was in some way connected to the Orlando shooting over the weekend. Now, if you are still a proud Trump voter after he said that shit, I have a very erudite and thoughtful thing to say to you:
Fuck you.
I get it. Politics is messy. But can you imagine the outrage from the right if someone had implied that George W. Bush was in on 9/11? I’m not even talking about the very real and historically accurate statement that he and Cheney deliberately ignored intelligence that 9/11 was being planned and would be carried out. I’m talking about if some Democratic presidential candidate actually implied that they believed it really was an inside job, the howling and wailing from high-minded conservatives would be deafening.
Here’s what the human shit pipe said earlier today about the subject, per The Atlantic:

Look, we’re led by a man that either is not tough, not smart, or he’s got something else in mind. And the something else in mind—you know, people can’t believe it. People cannot, they cannot believe that President Obama is acting the way he acts and can’t even mention the words “radical Islamic terrorism.” There’s something going on. It’s inconceivable. There’s something going on. (source)

As the Huffington Post reported, not only did the walking, talking dumpster fire imply Obama had something to do with the Orlando shooting, he pretty much said he thinks the president it down with Islamic terrorism as a thing.

“[Obama] doesn’t get it, or he gets it better than anybody understands,” Trump said of the president’s response to the nightclub shooting. “It’s one or the other. And either one is unacceptable.” (source)

I love that the Donald also went ahead and said that Obama should resign over the Orlando shooting. Did he think Bush and Cheney should have resigned over 9/11? After all, roughly fifty times more Americans were killed because they fell asleep at the switch. So does that mean they should have quit? Should FDR have resigned after Pearl Harbor? What a ridiculously stupid thing to imply, that a president has to quit if there’s an attack on our soil. It’s almost as stupid as voting for him now that he’s been exposed as the dumbass racist piece of shit he really is, huh?
Seriously, Trump fans, what the fuck is going to be your excuse for his comments now? Oh wait, never mind. You guys are the morons who really do believe Obama is a secret Kenyan-communist-socialist-Satan Worshiping-Muslim-Sharia Loving usurper of power and harbinger of doom. No wonder Trump is feeding you this red meat laced with cyanide. You idiots are so ill-informed and so paranoid you already believed that Obama was trying to destroy America, so of course when Trump outright implies Obama had a hand in the attacks you all will probably stand up and cheer for him.

Oh, and before I forget — any of my fellow Sanders supporters who jump ship for Bernie and go to Trump? You can suck a fuck too. Vote for Jill Stein. Write Bernie’s name in. But if you think “sticking to the man” by actually giving explicit support to this toxic rectal cancer on humanity is the way to get what you want — you’re every bit as stupid as Trump is. Look, Bernie’s already pretty much signaled he’s going to vote for Hillary. I’m not going to, but don’t you think a man of integrity like Sanders would outright endorse Trump instead of Clinton if he even remotely thouht Trump was the better option?
I don’t like Hillary as a candidate, but I’m not seeing her call for banishing all Muslims from the country, no matter how much her hawkish attitude toward the Middle East and Islamic terrorism might actually exacerbate the underlying issue of radicalization. Clinton is perhaps going to make mistakes in foreign policy, but she’s not stupid or so cynical as to actually imply her opponent is a conspirator to commit murder against American citizens.
When liberals would compare Cheney or Bush to Hitler, I thought they were going beyond the limits of reason and logic. The same holds true, clearly, when Trump and his supporters start implying that Obama is a vile dictator that played a hand in a terrorist attack.
The Orlando shooting is, in my never to be humble opinion, an electoral litmus test. If you hear and read Donald Trump’s reactions to it and still vote for him, your entire intellectual acumen is immediately suspect and your humanity is all but certainly missing. Vote your conscience, but if your conscience says you should vote for the guy who accused a sitting president of what is essentially treason for the sake of a cheap political sound byte, you are literally everything that is wrong with this country and should probably not vote or breed, you know, for the sake of our species’ survival…on both counts.


  1. Obama’s immigration polices are directly linked to acts of terrorism. Hillary will invite more of these 7th century barbaric heathens to kill more Americans.
    Progressives are the enemy of the American people.


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