In case you just now came out of coma, or you weren’t paying attention to social or traditional media yesterday, you’ve got to see this clip of CNN reporter Jim Acosta and White House Chief Nazi Vampire Stephen Miller.

For some reason, Right-Wing America is crowing over this exchange. Where as most of us, even Republicans prior to the Trumpian Age of Derp, would be appalled if we were represented by someone like Miller in an argument like this one, behaving this way, alt-right folks loved it. Twitter was full of people claiming Miller bested Acosta, but I think we can safely say that anyone who thinks Miller “won” that exchange is a doe-eyed Trump sycophant, or dumbfuck for short.

The “big moment” where every Trump supporter thinks Miller won, was when he tried to do the ol’ racist trick of, “I’m not a racist, you’re the racist.” But that comment is just as big a scam as repealing Obamacare on the first day. Of course it’s racist and xenophobic as fuck to make speaking English part of your new immigration legislation. This is what Acosta was doing, as a good journalist. He wasn’t accepting the administration’s stance on face value; he asked a tough question, and Count Miller’s response shows just how out of touch with mainstream America he and Trump are on this issue.

Miller’s “Cosmopolitan Bias” moment could seem like a victory for the right until you realize it’s no different than when you’re in a debate with a right-winger and they call you a “snowflake.” It’s usually right before they make the HILARIOUS joke about assuming their gender. They think just reversing the accusation back onto the person exposing their racism will work on anyone outside of their own political ideology.

Literally anyone with half a brain cell knows that Acosta was framing his question about the UK and Australia being the only countries we take immigrants from as a way of demonstrating the self-evident white nationalism in Miller’s comments and the proposed legislation. If you’re dumb enough to think Acosta — the son of a Cuban immigrant — thinks only people from Great Britain or Australia speak English, you’re dumber than should be legally allowed…or you’re a Trumper…or Stephen Miller. And sure, this stupid legislation is as dead as Miller’s eyes and as lifeless as his inner being, but still, for Miller to pretend as if Acosta was the one being racist is just farcical.

Let’s not get lost in the weeds while we talk about Acosta and Miller’s altercation, either. Making immigrants pass an English test is kind of hilarious in its stupidity and hypocrisy. Go to any place on the Internet where conservatives congregate. Then, read their comments. You’ll never find a more wretched hive of bad grammar and racist dog whistles; you must be cautious. And it’s not just Trumpers, really. Americans in general don’t have a masterful grasp of their own language.

Are we really so xenophobic as to think someone can’t pick up our language while immersed in our culture and living here? How many Chinese immigrants spoke English as they built the rails? How many Italian immigrants spoke English as they helped build skyscrapers in New York? Of course it would behoove someone to learn English at least a little before coming here, but here’s where I get really tickled at the “muh freedom” crowd.

Apparently they’re all about freedom, choice, and liberty right up to the point that someone uses their freedom to make a choice and exercise their liberty in a way Republicans don’t like. Because it seems to me if someone wants to be a Muslim, Non-English Speaking American that would pretty much be totally fine since there’s nothing in our Constitution about having to speak English to be a citizen. And it’s funny, isn’t it, that the people who profess a coital love of the Constitution when it comes to guns absolutely ignore the Constitution when it comes to being decent human beings?


If you saw Miller win in that exchange, you’re a dumbfuck. You’re probably, in fact, the dumbfuckiest dumbfuck that’s ever dumbfucked. The rest of us saw a wormy slimeball disavow the Statue of Liberty’s promise to shelter those who need it most. Maybe Trumpers saw Miller vanquish Acosta. But those of us living on Planet Not Fucking Stupid? Did not.

I’ll let Shaun King have the last word on Stephen Miller.


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