I’m the first and only college graduate in my family. I’m also the black sheep. My crazy liberal ideas and atheism don’t exactly earn me any respect in Klan Kountry, and even though I’m actually a big believer in respecting other folks’ rights to believe whatever the fuck they want – as long as it doesn’t shit on others – that is not a two-way street.
(And here, it never fails to massively shit on everyone.)
I live in the land of “Catholics are going to hell, because they pray to Mary and worship idols.” Here, Jesus is the mascot for the NRA and Progressive Christians are not True Christians™ because “reasons.” Food stamps, welfare, and any form of assistance to the needy are a sin. Tax cuts are second only to baptism – dunk, not sprinkle, and the husband is second only to God Himself.
Therefore I find it especially amusing to read and hear all of the ASSumptions everyone makes about libruhls. We are some stupid motherfuckers, let me tell you. So courtesy of TrumpNation, I bring you a list of my favorite comments this week about us, the Uneducated, Crazy, Left-Wingnut, Social Justice Warrior, PC Police.

The agenda is to push future and further left, as to condition everyone and everything into a state of chaos, to gain more control over the masses to invoke their will, easier and easier…The next is the Islamic issue is this just another way of exposing what will get you thrown off the top of a building, why you may ask because the Islamic community is easier to control than the western world, why so the New World Order gets the global depopulation they want… ah ha…

Seriously? That escalated quickly.

liberals react and cry. they do not think. my opinion of course.

Bitch, I only cry when I’m pissed…and trying not to kill someone.

They always have an agenda. Bring up the abnormal often enough, it becomes normal!

Like we did with “the blacks?” Yup, we made them “normal”, too. Except in that one county where y’all are STILL fighting segregation…you know, the one where you were ordered to desegregate the other day, and now you’re going to fight it AGAIN?

Do liberals ever look at facts?

Only when we go to college, but since that rate is about 15% in this state, my guess is yes for me and no for you.

Typical liberal. “If you don’t agree with me, you are either stupid or racist or both.”

Only because it’s true. Bless your heart.

You are not smart enough to have even had a thought about the flag until some liberal idiot told you!!

For fuck’s sake, he couldn’t have been offended by that racist thing without some SJW telling him to be?

Common sense has gone by the way side. I know why my grandad hated hippies so bad. We are dealing with them and their offspring.

Hang on, lemme put down my bong. Whadya say again, darlin’? <exhale>

If we stopped taking federal education money then we would be freed from the excessive federal requirements. Ostensibly eucation would revert back to the state with state control. With no federal requirements, no testing and no common core. I say join Texas and tell them to keep their thirty pieces of silver and let’s start educating our kids.

PULEEEAAAZE go with Texas and give the USA back all that Federal money. Mississippi is the most GINORMOUS teat sucker in the Union.

The progressive left are ABSOLUTELY bigots! They can’t stand anyone who doesn’t hold the same religious beliefs!

LMAO! I can’t stand any of your religious beliefs equally! I don’t discriminate!

If you was a Christian then u would know in the Bible that God HATES homosexuality

If you was literate, you wouldn’t offend me with your shitty grammar on top of your bigotry.

Not If The South Rose Up Again. I Think It Would Be Different. Like No Dictator has ever been Assassinated.. Would Not Be The First Time…He’s pretty much no less than a dictator. So far he’s broken most the rules and made a mockery of the word President…

I’m pleased to Say another Commenter pointed Out He took A screenshot Of this And Forwarded it To The FBI. LOLZ.

The left always uses their “trigger words” like “hate” “ignorance” “bigot” “transphobic”, etc to bully the rational, regular folk….. And the people are like “but, I’m just stating what I see, the emperor has NO CLOTHES!” Children know male from female but grown folks start rationalizing very irrational behavior and then demonizing all who disagree. And the heterosexual moms and pops fall for it every time. Don’t want to be labeled as “unchristian” lol 90 percent of Christians aren’t Christians because they’re so loose and so concerned with being accepted by the ungodly that they stopped trying to please their God. Just let the people have their golden calves.
Conviction comes with a price. Ever notice that the apostles all died as martyrs? That’s because the “society” didn’t want to hear truth, they wanted to be left alone to their sin and their idols. And It’s so funny how this issue is being portrayed as if the transgendered are a major part of society. Those who are championing it as a “real issue” are being played by the left by the same ol fiddle players. The left routinely takes advantage of these issues and the people and they use them for political gain. The left is not your friend, they’re just helping the plantation owner(the enemy of your soul) all the while making money and gaining power on the backs of these poster children for their political benefit.

Jesus thinks you need to shut the fuck up. He told me Himself. And quit appropriating my SJW terms like “trigger words”, you asshat. (Nice use of slavery metaphor…cute!)

The liberal trolls amaze me on how they come out of the woods every time our great Governor passes a law protecting the Citizens of the great state of Mississippi! Thank you Phil Bryant!

Hotty Toddy Bitches! See you in Court!

I’m gonna go have a few shots of whiskey now. I’ve earned em.


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