For starters, before we go anywhere else with this discussion, when Steve King and modern day right-wing ideologues say that “Western Civilization” is superior, they mean white people are superior. Because to them, it’s white people who, as the racial majority, did all the work to make Western Civilization work and eventually be so morally superior. While Western Civilization has definitely brought about some truly important, historical, and vital changes to humanity, it’s also managed to exacerbate nearly every single problem we’ve created for ourselves as well. Whether it’s racism, hunger, poverty, disease, social injustice on any scale, you name it Western Civilization is still struggling to acknowledge and contain it.

But make no mistake when Dipshit King talks about the superiority of the West, he means white people.

And this is particularly stupid because without multiculturalism and slavery, white people wouldn’t have much Western Civilization to speak of. Oh sure, they’re going to tell you that white people paid for it all. But that’s where they lose the argument from the start. Because for the first couple hundred years that we were building the West, our main source of economic fuel came from where? Africa. Slaves.

So for the most part, the South’s economy was all slave-based. And since the northern industrial boom didn’t happen right away, the north needed the south’s slavery too. However, let’s just pretend that slavery isn’t a big deal, you know, like Republicans do? Even if you ignore slavery, you still can’t ignore the role that multiculturalism has played in shaping this country and all of Western Civilization.

Chinese immigrants, treated like garbage of course, helped build the railroads. When industry did start rapidly changing the landscape of the north, Irish immigrants came over by the boat load to help, and they also were heavily represented in the pioneer movement to move west. Oh, yeah, and that whole “Manifest Destiny” thing that they held as their banner while they slaughtered the natives in their pursuit of settling the land? Racist genocide propped-up by the notion that these “savages” were going to kill us first if we didn’t act quickly.

When you can’t even say our country would span the full continent without virulent racism, and are still arguing about how morally superior Western Civilization is, you need to go back and get some more government education in reality-based, factual subjects.

It’s so incredibly racist to call western civilization superior, because it implies that people of other races or cultures had no hand in shaping it. But of course they did. Irish immigrants wound-up staffing a lot of police forces throughout the country, giving rise, eventually to the stereotype of the Irish cop. It’s every American’s right, regardless of their skin color or where their ancestors were born, to try to shape society; that’s literally what freedom of choice is.

In fact, what really makes me giggle about these strident white nationalists is that they don’t get that multiculturalism is a healthy, natural expression of freedom itself. If people choose to adhere to practices their ancestors did, as long as it’s not illegal behavior,  what the hell’s the point in getting your shorts twisted? Isn’t it what makes this country so great, that you can maintain your cultural ties and I can do the same with mine?

Or are we really saying that things like St. Patrick’s Day should be banned because it celebrates Irish culture, and we live in ‘murika?

Me personally, I love Little Italy near me. They have the best farmer’s market and, unsurprisingly, Italian food in the county. When I visit New York, I always love to hit Chinatown. And around here, my favorite restaurants are the whole int he wall Mexican joints that give me my burrito fix any time I need it. The idea of a homogeneous America really, really bores me.

The ultimate irony is that a lot of the people decrying the liberal scourge of multiculturalism actually pine and advocate for it when it’s called “state’s rights.” Having been lucky enough to see the vast majority of this country, I can assure you that from state to state there are different cultural mores and traditions. It’s what makes a constitutional republic fun, and I suspect such a total trip to a lot of my overseas pals when they come here.

We call common items like soda fifteen different things in this country because of multiculturalism. We have eighteen thousand different pop music genres — most of them stolen from black people of course — because of multiculturalism. Country is just blues with a twang. Rock and roll is just country without all the cousin fucking. And punk rock is just fucking awesome.

The point is, we have been, and always will be a country of diverse cultures. Apparently, we also always have been, and ever shall be, a country where a good chunk of us are racist fuckbags who think our skin color entitles us to a lifetime achievement award, especially if we’re self-aware enough to know we should try to avoid being called “racist” by couching all our white supremacy under the guise of “culture.”

Take a look around you, white conservatives. Yes, you sure did pay for a lot of the progress, and you even helped do some of the work. But you don’t get to take credit for it all, because for the most part you’ve spent 200 years trying to get all the benefits of immigrants and outsiders without giving them any of the precious freedom you say pumps preternaturally through your veins.

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