Racism is over in the United States of America! Yay!

Or at least that’s what certain members of the right-wing of today’s American political spectrum want everyone to believe. When the Supreme Court in its infinite wisdom gutted much of the Voting Rights Act of 1964 back in the summer of 2013, Chief Justice John Roberts and his fellow conservatives on the court reasoned that, essentially, racism is no longer as big a deal in this country and therefore, it wasn’t necessary to be extra careful about laws surrounding the right to vote. They said it was actually unfair to the formerly super-racist areas because, again, according to them racism is merely a figment of the left’s imagination.

You can’t throw a rock on the Internet without hitting some conservative Facebook page or another telling you that black on black crime is never hyped in the news (neither is white on white crime because typically those crimes are like, you know, investigated and solved and shit), and that at this point it’s really just a cultural thing as to why black people are systematically arrested and incarcerated more than white people, and don’t even try to bring up the word “disproportionately” with them because their eyes will just glaze over as they wonder why you haven’t heard that racism in America is dead.

But hey, you crazy libtard, maybe you need one more shining example of just how dead racism is in this country. So I present to you these six girls from Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, Arizona.


These six girls made social media lurch with a seismic reaction of condemnation. You see, this picture, taken of six totally not racist girls who were probably taught how not to be totally racist by their totally not racist parents in totally not racist America just shows you far we’ve come on race in this country. Think about it! Six white girls in a red state can wear a racial epithet — pretty much the racial epithet — on their t-shirts and not fear any repercussions for their actions. If they did worry about consequences, it’s hard to see it in their beaming, agape grins. The one in the middle is particularly excited to show us all how far we’ve come on race in this country, isn’t she?

Now, some people are calling for these girls to be expelled, and for the people in charge at the school to be fired. But why would we do that? Racism is dead in America, right? These girls must have just been wearing this shirt to a school function, remember, as some kind of ironic, comedic reminder of how bad the N-word is, right? And after all, these girls already got the punishment of a 5-day vacation from school — er, sorry — a five day suspension, so surely they’ve learned their lesson.

We can also rest assured that no one from the right-wing will try to justify this behavior, right? We definitely won’t hear idiotic comparisons of these lily-white girls to Black Lives Matter protesters, right? I wonder, though, if one of these girls was involved in another story that made it to Fox News’ airwaves, if Megyn Kelly would do her best to remind everyone that none of them are “exactly angels” or whatever other dog-whistle language she uses about black victims of police violence…which of course never happens because racism is dead in America.

Don’t you just look at this picture of six gleefully ignorant teenagers in 21st century America and think, “Yeah, racism is so not a thing anymore, so not a part of mainstream thinking, that we can eliminate legal protections we have put in place to lessen the damage of systemic and covert racism?” I sure do. I just look at these girls and think, “Damn, their parents did such a good job of teaching them how not-a-thing racism is now, that they could blissfully spell out NI**ER (wink, wink), and know full-well the reaction from their friends and family would likely be just more laughs, and a quick Instagram.

One last thing to note — why didn’t I pixellate their faces in the actual article if they’re minors? Because racism is so dead in this country that they were proud to wear these shirts in public and have their picture taken in them. Their parents let them leave the house like this. So, no, I don’t think protecting their anonymity so fully should be a concern of anyone’s. Let proud racists be proud racists, my mama always taught me.


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