The Republican Party, and everyone who supports Donald Trump, is as morally bankrupt as his some of his companies are literally bankrupt.

Say what you will about Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, or his son Dumbfuck, but none of them would have said out loud, where it could be heard, that most of the countries in Africa and elsewhere, the ones that have dark-skinned natives by and large, are “shitholes.” In fact, I can attest to this fact — the Republicans I grew up around, the ones that raised me, 30 years ago would have been appalled by any politician even using the word “shit” within earshot. I mean, I’m not a moralist, so I don’t really care about swearing, but the evangelical right would have spit their bits if they’d heard Reagan or the Bushes say such atrociously and obviously racist shit.

Republicans used to just quietly roll their eyes at their racist cousins in the party. They’d pretend they didn’t hear the dog whistles. Because winning elections and stopping America from becoming a libtard-infested socialist dystopia is more important than anything. You could argue that this already shows how morally bankrupt the Party of Lincoln is now, but at least they tried to have some sense of decency, of humanity.

Conservatives used to disagree about certain things with liberals, but conservatives used to be so proud of this country that it was a point of true pride when someone wanted to join us here, even illegally. People railed on Jeb! during the 2016 when he said that immigration crimes are essentially crimes you can forgive because so many are trying to come to a better place for themselves and their families…but that was the default, de facto position that 99% of Republicans took until the days of “self deportation” hit. Before the era of “they’re all rapists, drug dealers, and murderers” came to pass.

Let me give you a great example of a Trump water carrying toady explaining away Trump’s racism. This guy and I have a history, no doubt, but I’ll let him explain to you why it’s hilarious to dox people and send fake food orders to their home. But let’s hone-in on his equivocation for Trump, shall we?

That is racism. It’s not anything else. It’s not “calling it like it is” or “being less PC.” It’s just being an outright fucking racist assuming that people who come from “shithole” countries are themselves shit and we don’t want them.

What this ginger-bearded sack of cyber-stalking stupidity isn’t talking about is that while, yes, Trump used more blunt language to describe what many of us would — the poor economic conditions in Haiti, he had a large, more insidious point. That point being, “Fuck brown people.” Republicans can deny it all they want, but the plain, simple language Trump used makes it abundantly clear — he likes white immigrants and doesn’t want non-white immigrants here.

He later followed up his initial “thought” with this bullshit.

Literally everything about Trump’s comment is racist because he put racist connotations around it as soon as he said we want white Norwegians and not people of color from “shithole” countries. He used the people and the economies their countries run interchangeably. It was cringe-worthy, but not quite as cringe worthy as a so-called “news personality” carrying water for a racist piece of shit.

Maybe if Republicans don’t want to be called racists, they should stop electing racists and pretending they don’t see racism when it’s right in their fucking faces. The very notion that some are more worthy to be Americans than others is completely un-American. Are we all created equally or not, Republicans?

Yet another view from the right…

Look, I’ve been to a lot of this country in my day. I’ve seen some really poor, broke-ass states. And you know what? They all voted for Donald Trump last year. So if Don wants to see shitholes, he just needs to get his favorite Electoral College map out, and drive around to all the red states. He’ll get an eyeful, no doubt.

But the bottom line, truly, is that what Trump said is racist. There can be no equivocation or whataboutism that wipes out the fact that boiled down to its essence, Don’s “shithole” comments were basically a mouth-breather’s way of saying, “Whites only.” Whether he meant to say that is anyone’s guess, but that is the literal and logical conclusion to his rhetoric.

What’s really astounding to me is that so many people who are defending Trump’s “shithole” comments live in states that I’d say qualify as shitholes myself. States where possession of a plant can land you behind bars for the rest of your life. States where education is so grossly underfunded you can breed a generation of morons who actually believe a D-list reality-TV attention whore is qualified to be president because he managed to spend Daddy’s money all his life. States that by and large elected the tiny-fingered fuckwit. States that have more guns than IQ points in them…you get the point.

Of course, it’s not just racism that Trump supporters are looking past. They excuse his endorsement of pedophiles. It’s his somehow finding “good people” on both sides of the Nazi/Not Nazi divide. It’s his retweets of racist British people. It’s his constant attacks on black athletes. It’s his never-ending assault on the institutions that made America great in the first fucking place.

They overlook all of his shortcomings — which would have appalled them into comas were they coming from a Democrat in the White House — so they can dance in the streets awaiting their trickle down…that’ll never come. I’d call it a craven, cynical, deeply un-American and frankly deeply un-Christian attitude to have…but after spending the last few years watching politics this closely, I can’t call it surprising in the slightest.

Our president is a racist cunt.


  1. Ho hum, the party of Lincoln(and of Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower or even Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan) has long since put not just a Confederate uniform but a Klansman’s white sheet and hood to my mind!


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