I think Secretary Clinton, the Democratic Presidential Nominee, had been speaking for about three minutes last night when the sexist comments started rolling on Twitter. Every fucking cliched remark, most of them from “highly respected” commentators conservative men, poured out. It’s not enough that she gave an excellent acceptance speech full of policy proposals and bridging divides from the right to the left. That she is the first woman to be nominated for president in a major political party. That she has overcome years and years of Republican attacks.
Hillary Clinton needs to smile more.
Hillary Clinton needs to scream less.
Hillary Clinton needs to be a man.
I don’t know, asshole. Maybe they paid for her intelligence or her brain power? You wouldn’t know anything about that, though.
What was it you did you raving lunatic? Speak so loudly with force that we all hid under our blanket forts and cried?

Sharp lecturing tone? What the fuck Brit?

I like to call this one: “How to insult half the country in one tweet”. I’m saving it for my daughter.

And of course, it just wouldn’t be the perfect night of sexist criticism if HALF THE MEN weren’t bitching she needed to SMILE MORE. I’m curious. Has anyone ever heard a pundit say a male politician should smile more?
The next morning, most of the newspapers headlined with “First Female Nominee”…with a picture of Bill. Seriously? What the everlasting FUCK AMERICA?
Stay tuned…I have a feeling we have only just begun.



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