A note to my readers: I know you expected hellfire and brimstone. Frankly, so did I. However, something different emerged, and although it scares me a little, I think this side of me has its place as well. Sometimes you have to fight a fire with foam, because that’s the only way to properly extinguish it.  I think this may be one of those times. Chris McDaniel will not change his stance on the issues; but perhaps he will rethink how he acts. That would be a huge first step in my opinion. The issues come later.

I am embarrassed beyond belief at how he has acted, but I’m not surprised. Our representatives behave this way every day, in some form or fashion. Although McDaniel is no longer our senator, he still represents the state.

I’m actually hoping to send this letter to Chris McDaniel. If he reads it, maybe he will give it a moment’s thought. Perhaps it will nag at him. That would be far greater than something he wads in a ball and chunks two sentences in.

Back to my colorful self soon, I promise.

Much love, hugs and kisses.


Dear Senator McDaniel,

I have voted for you, and I was one of your constituents. I have not written on your Facebook wall, nor have I sent you any other messages via social media. So this will be my first communication with you regarding this subject.

I understand the temptation must be incredibly great for a relatively unknown politician from Mississippi to make a name for himself. This was a chance you felt you could not pass up. Rather than celebrate the first amendment and possibly respectfully disagree with the stance, you made a choice to lash out and make some pretty damning judgments based on nothing more than your whim and perhaps an Infowars article. You bypassed a moment of reflection that could have spread the love of your God and our state, and traded that for a few moments of negative attention for being the schoolyard bully.

When called out, you did not gracefully back down and let the world see that a real man can admit when he has done wrong (even when his ultimate message may be right, his delivery can be wholly unacceptable). Rather, you doubled down and doubled over. Now there is nothing to separate you from the angry mob; now there is nothing to separate Mississippi from the angry mob.

When a confused and terrified young woman needs council, she will not look to her wise and well reasoned head of state for advice on where to go; she may not even stay in the state at all. She will forever associate judgment and anger and arrogance with it rather than a welcoming embrace of love and grace.

I look at you and I feel sadness. I have watched you and your colleagues struggle to understand why you cannot attract businesses or college graduates to this state, why you are the laughing stocks of D.C. Because “at least we’re not Mississippi” is the common refrain. I take one look at your social media and I find the answer.

Sir, your beliefs aren’t the problem. The way you choose to express them, with a jackhammer rather than a rubber mallet, is what will prevent anyone from ever looking to you for advice or frankly anything.

You played to your base, and I am sure they loved it. As for me and my house, we found it painfully off-putting. Every incident like this proves how out of touch y’all are with the rest of us. We will fix that at the ballot boxes.



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