The time to play nicely with Republicans is over.

Maybe Democrats didn’t get that hint watching the GOP block and obstruct every reasonable idea Obama had for eight years, but after watching Senate Republicans literally change the rules of the Senate to ram President Bannon’s cabinet picks through their confirmation hearings — cabinet picks that have massive conflict of interest and ethics questions — if they don’t get it now, they never will. And those are the first congressional Democrats that have to go. If they don’t have fight in them, they need to find the door.

It’s time for all-out political war.

No, I’m not calling for Second Amendment solutions. My name doesn’t have “Benghazi” in it on Facebook. I’m not that guy.

I’m just saying that there comes a time when all the “they go low and we go high” platitudes can go fuck themselves. It’s not even about keeping Gorsuch off the bench. That’s going to happen, barring some kind of real miracle. It’s about something much deeper than that for me now: integrity.

For me, watching a clearly corrupt puppet president wrench the government so far right that we’re looking at twenty million people losing their health insurance is the time when the gloves come off. We’re looking at the threat of LGBTQ protections being ripped away. We are faced with the reality that Bannon gets to put someone on the Supreme Court bench for the rest of our natural born lives. If ever there was a time to get down in the trenches, this is it.

The DNC had a major problem last year keeping people inspired in the right places in this country. I’m not here to re-litigate that shit, but be honest with yourselves. If Hillary Clinton had kept 80,000 Americans in swing states inspired to come out for her, we’d be in a different situation.

It’s time for the Democrats to be inspirational.

If Democratic Senators can’t muster the fortitude it takes to block Neil Gorsuch’s ascension to the high court for as long as they have constitutional power to do so, they should quit now, and let someone else with more guts do the job for them. This isn’t about anything but fighting fire in the belly with fire in our own bellies. Yes, the Republicans can just go nuclear, kill the filibuster, and confirm Gorsuch. Democrats need to make them do just that.

62 million Americans will cheer. But the 75 million who voted against Trump? They’ll be pissed.

The Republican Party outright stole a Supreme Court pick from progressives. They dragged their feet on Merrick Garland, a concession pick from Obama, and now they get to put someone in. That’s fine. Them’s the breaks. Those are the rules we play by. But guess what?

It’s time to give those pretentious, self-righteous, hand-wringing, faux-patriotic fuckwits a taste of their own obstinate medicine.

Get in the way. Block the door. I don’t give a shit, just fight. I’d like to see Democratic Senators with arrest warrants out for not showing up to hearings and for votes.  All this bullshit from conservatives about how stalling or delaying appointment confirmations does Democratic constituents a disservice is bullshit. Democratic constituents voted for Democrats and don’t want Trump’s agenda rammed through, so Democrats need to ignore that argument for as ridiculous as it is.

Democrats should grind the operations of the government down to a halt as much as they humanly can. And hell yes that makes me a hypocrite for criticizing Republicans for doing it for the last eight years. The difference? I know for a goddamned fact that more Americans wanted the person to win that I voted for. I know that the real mandate here is for Democrats to obstruct the living shit out of the party that has stolen a Supreme Court seat and an election.

Democrats don’t hold many cards being the minority party, but the truth that Republicans won’t admit is that Democrats are an ironically minority party because no matter how you slice it, Democrats got more votes last year, period.

Fuck Mitch McConnell’s outrage.

Mitch can bitch about blockading Gorsuch until he’s blue in his turtle-shaped face. We all just watched Mitchy block Garland for a year. Is he so fucking stupid as to think we’re going to forget that his Republican cohorts were threatening to block Hillary Clinton’s Supreme Court picks for as long as she was in office? These fucks were going to filibuster Hillary for four years if they have to, so they can sit on their own dicks and go nuclear as far as I’m concerned.

Since Republicans want us to believe that arcane bullshit like the Electoral College should get ultimate deference and respect, then all of the  parliamentary levers are in play for Democrats and liberals to use. Let them break the rules just to get their guy through. Then we get to blast the message home about their hypocrisy. They are attempting a bloodless coup, predicated on the bullshit notion that they speak for the people.


They speak for the tiny sliver of the voting population that was snookered into voting for them.

The bottom line is that it’s time for Democrats to behave as if they truly understand how important the Supreme Court is. It’s time to stop blaming Bernie Bros. It’s time to stop blaming the DNC. It’s time to rally and unify the left-wing of American politics. Because if we’re going to be stuck in a totalitarian, alt-right nightmare, the very least we can do is fight. We owe it to the people we were fighting to give a better America to before the GOP went shit-house fucking insane and gave control to Sub-President Trump.

Gorsuch will be confirmed. The simple fact is that the Electoral College has guaranteed it. Even though millions more Americans wanted someone other than Trump, it’s Trump who gets to make the pick. But none of that, literally none of it, means the opposition has to go down without a fight. For God’s sake, we are the plurality. If we set aside our apathy maybe we can roar and make it known that there will be hell to pay for their brazen ignorance of the fact that we are the larger group.

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