I know there are exceptions to every rule, but the vast majority of Pro-Lifers have some serious explaining to do.
Dictionary.com defines life as: the animate existence or period of animate existence of an individual
I was in middle school when my church showed me a video of an abortion from an ultrasound point of view. Now understand, I was only taught abstinence, so I had no idea how that fetus even came to be, but I was around eleven or so when I was forced to sit and watch, in a Fundamentalist/Evangelical church setting, an actual abortion procedure. I’ll let you know when those scars heal.
Even without debating when life begins, there is enough hypocrisy here to defy belief. While I was taught, and still hear constantly, that life from conception is absolutely sacred and to be protected at all costs, none of the following aligns with that same core value, supported by the very same group. Here is how I hear the RWNJs “pro-life” argument.

    • The mother’s life – This could be an entire post or ten, but we refuse to acknowledge any exceptions even for rape, incest, or medical necessity, much less bodily autonomy. We can’t even be convinced that access to birth control and the morning-after pill and something other than abstinence only education might cut down on the need for abortions. The common sense argument that it’s your body, and you cannot be compelled to give blood or an organ to save someone’s life is so far removed…I can’t get my head far enough out of my ass to comprehend that.
    • Anti-WICC, Anti-Food stamps – God forbid once we tell a woman she must have a baby, we actually do anything to help her. If they would just learn to manage their money better, they wouldn’t need assistance! Let’s complain that it costs Oh, SO much money to lend a helping hand, but we will make it our first priority that these big corporations don’t pay any taxes.
    • Scarlet Letter A – Most people probably don’t realize this, but Mississippi’s anti-LGBT legislation also applies equally to anyone having sex outside a heterosexual marriage. The only way that’s really obvious is for single mothers. (Unless a guy sexts his girlfriend, but that is generally forgiven. Amen.) We can now deny them housing, services, etc. in the name of our “sincerely held religious beliefs.” We tried to prevent LGBT couples from adopting, but the courts struck that down. Dammit.

  • Cut Education – We want life, but we don’t want to educate it! The redder the state, the worse the public education system. And our leader Paul Ryan is on the record saying he wants to cut school lunches, because full bellies are less important than souls.
  • GUNS GUNS GUNS – We want guns, and we refuse to require a simple background check or permit to carry them. Open-carry, concealed-carry, it no longer matters. Now we allow armed militias inside churches and excuse those churches from liability. It is far more difficult to obtain a license to drive a car than to carry a gun in this state, even concealed.
  • We are pro-war, anti-healthcare, against funding Zika research, refuse to accept any existence of climate change or responsibility for it, and the list could go on indefinitely. But by God we are PRO-LIFE.

Why won’t anyone take us seriously? PRO-LIFE! Because…PRO-LIFE!


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