If you haven’t already, I highly recommend adding “watch Sean Spicer’s press briefings” to your list of daily activities.

The man is, very clearly, horrific at his job and gives us a clinic in being terrible at our jobs every time he does his. Every press briefing gives comedians like me scads more material to work with, because no one apparently explained to Sean that he’s supposed to answer questions from the press in ways that put rumors to bed, not amplify them. Day in and day out, Spicer emphatically states one thing — like that there’s no possible way Devin Nunes got the information he took to Trump from within the White House — only to have it be debunked literally hours later, maybe minutes in some cases.

Nunes got the info from people in the White House. The “Failing” New York Times ran a story this morning confirming as much, and Spicer simply couldn’t respond to the allegations except to pull the Trump Team gold standard: Deflect, Deny, Don’t Answer. But I want to focus just a few hundred words on something Sean said that is so spectacularly ignorant and stupid that it threatens to collapse the sun in on itself under the weight of said stupidity.

Here’s a tweet about the moment:


And here’s a clip I made from the C-SPAN video of Spicer’s presser so you can get the full moment in context.

Sean Spicer Thinks Merrick Garland Got a Vote

Press Sec. Sean Spicer awakens from a coma.

Throughout this whole Neil Gorsuch affair, Republicans have been disingenuous about how he even came to be nominated in the first place. No, Joe Biden didn’t successfully block any Republican SCOTUS nominees. Hell, he ddn’t even get a vote on the issue, because there was no nominee at the time. So stuff that talking point back in its box. The bottom line is that the only reason Gorsuch is being considered is the GOP stole the seat from President Obama. There is no “except in election years” clause to the Constitution where it grants the power to nominate Supreme Court Justices; that excuse was one made up out of whole cloth and political expediency.

For Spicer to actually suggest that Republicans haven’t blocked Democratic nominees is insulting to everyone’s intelligence. Republicans crowed about stealing Obama’s seat. The GOP says that the Senate did its job…somehow by not doing its job…when they “advised against consenting to Garland.” Well, you know what fuckos? That logic works for the Democrats too.

They’re simply advising Trump that they won’t reward his party’s bullshit tantrum.

Spicer legitimately tried to argue that Democrats have always gotten votes on their nominees. It’s patently false, and it’s not like he’s relying on the last time it happened being decades ago and not so fresh on our minds. Merrick Garland was literally nominated just barely over a year ago. One of the central themes of the election last year was which party got to have Obama’s last pick. It’s a farcical charade to pretend that Gorsuch himself isn’t a purely politically motivated pick.

Fuck Neil Gorsuch. Even if he had been on the right side of judgments involving women and employee rights, he’d still be a symbol of everything that is despicable, and dare I say “deplorable” about what the right-wing has become in this country. He’s an affable, smiling, symbol of the visceral, innate racism that allowed Republicans to feel comfortable enough literally ignoring the Constitution and making up new procedural rules on the fly just so they could somehow delegitimize the first black president’s last year in office.

This Russia thing isn’t going away. It’s drip, drip, dripping. While I can’t say I know at this point, or will know until it happens, whether Trump will be hoisted on his petard. I do know one thing, though. If we can’t confirm Supreme Court Justices in an election year, we sure as fuck can’t do it in an impeachment year. And you know, next year starts the 2018 midterms anyway, and maybe voters would like to have the Democrats overseeing Supreme Court confirmations, so we should probably let the American people decide on that, before we confirm anyone else.

And, just to reiterate: Sean Spicer is a spineless, lying, sputtering douche whistle that genuinely believes Republicans always let Democratic Supreme Court nominees get a vote…and he’s terrible at his job.

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