I’m of two minds when it comes to former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer showing up on the 69th Annual Emmy Awards broadcast. My first thought is, “Who the fuck cares?” My second thought is, “Oh man, why’d they give that lying sack of shit a chance to rehab his image?” I get on the one hand why it’s really very lame of the people who produced the Emmys to try and cash in on Melissa McCarthy’s turn as Spicer on SNL in such a cynical, obvious attempt to get laughs and probably ratings or buzz about the show. On the other hand, who the fuck cares — it’s an awards show. They only exist so that people can tell each other how good they are, and it’s not like Stephen Colbert introduced Spicer as “The World’s Most Misunderstood Man” or anything.

I thought I’d break my thoughts on the subject up into those two paradigms, and then you can tell me in the comments which one is right. Because again, I’m having a hard time getting as upset as some people are, but I think it’s a bigger deal than others are making of it.

Who The Fuck Cares?

Admittedly, this is my default position on a whole host of subjects. Don’t mistake that for apathy in general; it’s just that so many things are meant to rile us up and freak us out these days that I think the notion of “picking your battles” means even more now. This applies to Spicer On The Emmys perfectly, in my estimation. Yes, it’s gross that he helped Trump sew the seeds of some really egregious lies. The furor over inauguration crowd sizes is what Trump is using to justify his voter suppression efforts with Kris Kobach. Spicer somehow managed to defend Hitler. I get it, Sean Spicer sucks.

But why are we wasting so much fucking breath on him showing up at an awards show that’s already come and gone. Spicer was on stage for probably less than a minute. I get that it helps “normalize” him and his behavior, and that’s problematic, but is it worth playing into conservative cries of liberal fascism to freak out so fucking hard about it? It would be one thing if Spicer came out to huge fanfare, trumpets, streamers, and a banner that said, “Sean Spicer: This Dude’s Cool AF.” Then I’d be livid like everyone else. But him trading on his infamy for a couple seconds of the limelight? Meh.

And look, maybe if people toned down the anger over Sean’s appearance, you could find some zingers. And trust me, zinging conservatives on their hypocrisy is way more fun than whining about it. It’s not even that hard in this case. Here, I’ll show you.

“Sean Spicer showing up at the Emmys in front of Hollywood’s elite last night proves once and for all how very little conservatives care about the opinions of the Hollywood elite.”

Maybe we libs should focus more on making comments like that than having full-blown tantrums over a lying sack of shit getting a couple seconds of broadcast time and a couple of cheap joke lines? Here’s another thought — maybe Colbert did the country a favor by giving Spicer just enough spotlight to illuminate him while everyone pummels the bastard for lying over and over to the American people.

Then again..

Why’d They Give That Lying Sack of Shit a Chance to Rehab His Image?

For months, we’ve been hearing about bad it would be normalize the Trump administration’s behavior. The risk in doing so is that it lets them push the goalposts of acceptable presidential actions further and further out. It will enable Trump to get away with worse shit, if we somehow act as if what he’s saying or doing is fine because “muh two sides to every coin” nonsense. Mostly, I agree with this sentiment.

The simple truth is that Trump isn’t like normal presidents. He was elected with the help of our chief foreign adversary, no matter whether a single vote was changed by a Russian hacker or not. He’s the most unqualified and mentally unstable occupant of the White House perhaps ever, but most assuredly in the modern era. And he is surrounded by crooks, con men, cheats, liars, and even worse, Yes Men who simply open their mouths wider every time Trump wants to jam his penis of presidential pettiness and petulant piss-ant behavior. Spicer up until very recently was the Yessest of Yes Men.

So to give that smarmy, lying fuck any air time is kind of gross, isn’t it? Especially when you consider it was all just for a couple seconds of stage time, a joke or two at Spicer’s and Trump’s expense, and a cynical attempt to get some buzz about the show afterward. It’s funny, isn’t it, that the same things that make this a whole lot of hubbub over a very little, are also what kind of make it gross as hell?

Stunt casting is always going to feel a little lame if the cameo isn’t truly great. Spicer’s stunt seemed cheap because it was cheap. And I’m not about to lay that blame on Stephen Colbert’s feet, but someone maybe could have put the kibosh on that bit before it embarrassed all parties involved. The process of healing from the Trump Era cannot begin now anyway. It would’ve perhaps been better for Spicer to stay home and for the Emmys to get their jokes in at his expense another way.

Then again, what the hell do I know? Tell me which of my trains of thought you agree with in the comments.




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