Oh, Sean. You smarmy, shit-eating grinning dumb ass. You self-unaware carnival barker conman’s tool, you. You’re really going to try to convince the world that reports of Russian interference in our election this year is just “liberal media fake news” are you? Oh wait, I forgot, you actually don’t care about convincing the whole world, not in the post-truth, fact-free Trumpian Era. You just need to keep your doe-eyed, slack-jawed moron listeners believing your bullshit.

For anyone who is wise and avoids all things Hannity, let me just quickly go over what The Huffington Post reported as belching forth from Lumpy’s mouth today.

Despite bipartisan cries to investigate deeper, Hannity still lashed out at a predictable target:

“I’m just assuming this is another liberal media fake news story that they’re all falling for, and it’s politically motivated, as evidenced by their lack of concern about … hacking and cybersecurity over the years.” (source)

Firstly, I don’t have any idea where Sean’s getting this notion that liberals don’t care about hacking or cybers ecurity. That’s literally a straw man argument. The first liberal you find that was talking about the importance of cyber security before this election disproves Hannity’s claims. It’s also hilarious to me that Sean’s trying to posit conservatives as being much tougher, and better on cyber security matters because just about every other credible outlet is reporting that the CIA believes Russia hacked the RNC as well, but only passed their hacked info along to Wikileaks if it pertained to the Democrats and Hillary.

The reality is that both liberals and conservatives may not have taken cyber security seriously enough, as the Russian hack story seems to be playing out. But, really, that’s not even the fucking point in all of this.

What makes Sean’s blathering particularly fun in this instance is just how bald faced hypocritical he’s being. Hannity has worked for Fox News for about twenty years now. In that time he has unleashed a massive amount of unmitigated lies on his viewers. Just this past October, The Washington Post documented how Hannity crafted a lie right on his very show. The article chronicled how Hannity fabricated an anti-media story about how the press simply didn’t cover Bill Clinton’s alleged victims of sexual assault. The reporter for The Washington Post was able to identify, very quickly and without much effort at all, a few stories that ran in the mainstream press about Clinton’s wandering phallus.

Media Matters has an article in which they document 10 demonstrable lies Hannity has told over the years. Perhaps chief among the Hannity lies that Media Matters found is the fact that Sean was a willing participant in the Birther bullshit. If ever there was a ginormous lie told to Republican voters — not counting Trickle Down Economics — it’s the birther ridiculousness. How Sean can sit there with a straight face and accuse anyone else of spreading a false story after he was one of our nation’s top birthers is beyond my ability to understand.

10 Examples Of Sean Hannity Saying Things That Aren’t True

Hannity Dismisses Ellison’s Claim That He Is “Immoral” For “Saying Things That Aren’t True.” On the February 27 edition of Hannity, host Sean Hannity replayed part of his February 26 interview with Ellison. During the exchange, Ellison responded to Hannity’s question about the federal debt being “immoral” by saying, “You are immoral for telling lies.”

Of course, even if you excuse Sean, you have to account for his number one employer all these years, Fox News. Remember when Jon Stewart was still hosting “The Daily Show,” and they produced a bit that showed 50 Fox News lies in 60 seconds? Well, Politifact did a fact-check of “The Daily Show” and found that Stewart and company had rightly pinned fifty, count them , fifty lies to the ass of Roger Ailes’ former network.

50 Fox News ‘lies’ in 6 seconds, from ‘The Daily Show’

The Daily Show posted a Vine Wednesday titled, “50 Fox News lies in 6 seconds.” We’ve fact-checked almost all of the statements they cited. For the record, we originally counted 49 claims, not 50. The Daily Show said No. 50 was left off due to a technical error.

So, I guess maybe we should trust Hannity’s assessment of all this Russian hacking nonsense being fake news; he’s certainly an expert at it. Which makes sense, considering he’s been employed by the company that’s made fake news a vital part of almost half the country’s political commentary and news intake.

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