Running a page has proved to be just as enjoyable this week as it was last week. I’m really not the biggest fan of trolls, but I think I have gotten better at dealing with them. They say practice makes perfect, and I’m getting plenty of practice! I really don’t understand people who have nothing better to do, but whatever. It gives us entertainment, so I won’t complain. Let’s look at a few of my favorites from the past week or so.

First up is James Scott Colliver. He has his personal information all over the place, which is one of the first things trolls should know to protect.

He’s a real estate agent, so if you need a house and want to buy one from an overt racist who lives not far from David Duke, I know the perfect guy! He seems kind of sexist, too, so bonus points there. Slidell, Louisiana, look out! You’ve gotta real winner here. James is my favorite kind of “conservative”. He has no idea why he is one; he just is. He has a few talking points he got from Fox News or Glenn Beck, and they don’t have anything to do with the subject at hand. Oh well, it makes it easier to laugh at him.

James is also the perfect example of why you should lock down your account and not have all your racist, sexist, disgusting Breitbart, Infowars, and Allen B West posts set on public. This is only a fraction of what I found in just a few moments. This is probably not a great plan for someone whose livelihood depends on connections with people.

Next up is Dale Davis. He is a big fan of the Trump Plan to Exterminate Muslims. He also enjoys witnessing for Christ by assuming all liberals are atheists, then condemning all of them to hell. He responds to any question with an accusation of sexism or an assumption that all liberals desire to live off the system.  

We are incapable of doing the “right thing”, whatever that is. He isn’t even smart enough to have any decent talking points, really. We had fun for awhile, then we banned him, like the dozens of other shitacular trolls who showed up recently.

Tommy Mauro offered to build the entire Muslim registry himself, except he doesn’t seem to know enough about IT to craft decent sentences about it. I’d be leery of his technical ability for sure. He’s got it covered, though. (??)

Jim frankly lost me at “jingoistic”, but he’s excited to finally have an American president. Congratulations, Jim, I’m really happy for you.

And finally, my liberal page is trash. Awesome! These are my favorite insults. YAY!

I hope you enjoyed my second edition of Facebook Deplorables and Trolls. Stay tuned. I don’t think we will run out any time soon!


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