Every so often, I think Sarah Palin forgets that outside the Conservative Media Bubble, no one takes her seriously. It’s always most apparent when she does an appearance anywhere other than Fox News, or conservative talk radio. Take for instance Monday morning when Palin appeared on “Today” to pimp Donald Trump for the Iowa caucus, taking place as this is written.

Palin probably thought she was just there to rattle off some talking points that mean nothing, and she definitely did that, but then she got absolutely blindsided by “Today” host Savannah Guthrie’s very logical question about who Palin tried to deflect the blame for her son’s domestic violence arrest onto. I wrote a satirical piece about Palin blaming Obama for getting Bristol, her daughter, pregnant all the time, but it’s a serious problem she has — trying to blame  others for her family’s troubles. This time, Palin tried to blame her son’s punchy way son the PTSD he got from fighting overseas (he actually never saw combat) and in turn on Obama for…being president while her son had PTSD, I Guess?

Check out what happens when Guthrie asks Palin about her attempted deflection. It’s worth sticking through the whole clip, I promise.

Did you catch the genius wit that is Palin there? This part was my favorite.

“I was told that this interview was about the caucus in Iowa, and right on, who will it be to put America back on the right track and restore constitutional government that we are lacking today and that we so need, and I said, right on, let me go talk about that.” (source)

Could Palin have been any less prepared to handle that question that any adult in their 50’s should have expected to be coming? I don’t know what’s more hilarious to me, the fact that Palin walked into the question without seeing it coming, her blustery and frazzled, epic word salad response, or the fact that people actually think her endorsement helps Donald Trump, who I am really starting to feel like knows this and is trolling everyone. Otherwise, I guess he’s just as stupid as everyone else and didn’t realize that if she couldn’t help John McCain beat Obama, that she probably wasn’t going to help him defeat anyone the Democrats are putting up either.


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