I don’t know much in this life, but over the last few days I have learned one thing for sure: The Republican push for stricter voter ID laws has absolutely nothing to do with securing our elections.  And how I would I know this?

Because look at their outrage over the fact that Donald Trump, to this very minute, has done nothing to punish Russia for interfering in the 2016 election, that’s how.

Or, sorry, I should say their utter and complete lack of outrage, which is pretty telling. Bob Mueller’s first round of indictments make it crystal clear that what we’ve known for the last two years is irrefutable fact — Russia wanted Donald Trump to win, and they helped Donald Trump win. But after screeching about needing to secure the vote for years, Republicans seem pretty mum on their Orange Douche Fart in Chief ignoring the sanctions Congress passed.

The Bumper Sticker Couch Potatriot Marching And Chowder Society screams bloody murder about voter fraud — something they can’t even prove. And yet, what has Trump done about the fact that we know, for certain, Russia actually did attack our election systems? Nothing. His supporters, the same ones who think brown people should have twelve forms of ID to vote (while somehow convincing themselves they aren’t instituting super un-American and unconstitutional poll taxes), turn a blind eye and plug their ears up so they don’t have to hear or think about it.

At this point, Trump has retaliated against Adam Schiff more than he has against Russia. He’s punished Oprah for asking questions of Trump voters more than he’s punished Russia for trying to tip our election. Hell, the giant orange twit still hasn’t really condemned Russia or criticized them for what it is overwhelmingly, abundantly clear — they attacked our Republic at its very foundation.

There is no other conclusion to draw about voter ID, that it’s about suppressing the vote of legally franchised people, because if Republicans actually gave a shit about election security, they’d be knocking the White House door down to institute the bipartisan sanctions against Russia. We can’t get congress to pass simple background check legislation for a gun, but somehow they were able to see what Trump flatly refuses to acknowledge, that Russia attacked our election, and they want the Kremlin punished for it. Trump, clearly does not want Putin and his cohorts punished, so we have to ask ourselves, “Why?”


One line of rationale for excusing away Trump’s inactivity on the sanctions is the notion that since America has meddled, we should just be fine about being meddled with.

Um. Fuck that.

Firstly, I don’t think it’s cool that we meddle. I think most of us, deep down would say it’s bullshit that we have and do meddle in elections. We claim to be the champions of freedom and self-governance, but that’s not what we belie when we have the CIA put their fingers on the electoral scales of the world.

But, beyond that, it’s just a dumb line of reasoning, period, to say that America’s meddling excuses other countries doing the same. It might explain it, but sure as hell doesn’t excuse it, and really sure as hell doesn’t mean it should go unpunished. Call me crazy, but I thought adults get passed the “two wrongs make a right” equivocation nonsense.

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Apparently some Republicans are even stupider than others. I keep seeing right-wing commentators comparing George Soros, their absolute favorite Bogeyman apart from Jimmy Carter…I mean Bill Clinton…I mean Barack Obama…I mean Killary ClitStoned…I mean Saul Alinsky’s ghost…I mean…to the Russian hacking efforts. And that is pretttttty stupid, even for Republicans.

Honestly, I must be the only liberal American who doesn’t give a fuck about George Soros, because according to right-wing America he’s an interloping foreigner who tries to flood our elections with money so he can win them take America down from within, and we’re all under his influence. That, they say, means it’s totally cool for Trump to not punish Russia for fucking with our elections.

You see? The libtards do it, so why shouldn’t our global adversary?

First of all, Soros is an American citizen. So if anything, Republicans should be all for him dumping money on elections, since they fight tooth and nail to preserve Citizens United. Something tells me if Soros was spending his money like Chuck and Dave Koch or Sheldy Adelson they wouldn’t care about Soros at all. But he’s certainly not some evil foreigner and shadowy figure; he’s just a super rich dude trying to influence the world like their favorite super rich dudes do.

But again, it’s sort of like the excuse that we meddle as well. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and it’s still beyond stupid not to punish a country for interfering in your election when you catch them red handed and your entire intelligence community is in agreement that they’re actively fucking with the mid-terms as well.

In the end, all that matters is that once again we’ve seen a Republican talking point — that they care about the integrity of our elections more than anything else — fall completely and utterly apart. If you ask me, if you’re not willing to hold your president accountable when he fails to hold our enemy accountable, then you don’t get to demand voter ID laws, period.

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