The World Deserves A Space On The Web Devoted To Nothing But Richard Spencer Getting Punched In The Face

When strident white nationalsit Nazi POS Richard Spencer gets cold cocked, it's a moment to celebrate and honor.

Richard Spencer is a name that you’ve probably heard, and if not, you’re lucky. Spencer is a hardcore Trumpist, one of the biggest out there really. He’s a proud member of the “alt-right” and he’s an unabashed white nationalist who genuinely espouses a belief in a sort of “soft ethnic cleansing” so that he and his ilk can maintain a strong white race.

You know, he’s a racist piece of shit, in other words.

You might also recognize the name from just shortly after the election. There was a gathering of alt-right people in Washington, D.C. and Spencer was a keynote speaker. After they thought they’d kicked all the reporters out of the room, Spencer gave a speech laced with literal Nazi propaganda. Then he ended the speech with a rousing “Hail Trump!” salute that his cohorts joined him in, raising their hands at 45-degree angles.

You know, like fucking Nazis do.

So yesterday when Trump the Dump was inaugurated, Spencer was out and about, strutting his shit. He was gloating and doing interviews with reporters. During one such interview, some great American patriot in the tradition of Indiana Jones and Captain America knocked his fucking block off. And i just wanted to dedicate this little piece of webspace to that moment. It’s a rallying cry kind of moment.

So here’s the original clip of Spencer getting admittedly sucker punched (but when you’re a Nazi, you’re already a sucker so you’re getting sucker punched no matter what):

Someone did this awesome remix of it:

The aforementioned Nazi Punching archaeologist was given a tribute in this one:

Fans of Street Fighter will like this one:

This might be one of my favorites — with a little help from Rage Against the Machine:

Americans don’t suffer Nazis. We fought an entire war to eradicate that toxic shit. So the more people like Spencer that get a clock to the skull, the more the good guys are fighting back. Does violence solve anything? Probably not. But then again, it sure as hell solved our last big Nazi problem didn’t it?

Get some ice for that, Richard. You’re probably going to want to take out stock in Advil and Tylenol. Or you know, you can stop espousing hatred and racism. Your call, Nazi Fuck.

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