roflbot101315 nraToday, Senate Republicans blocked all four of the gun control measures put forth after the massacre of 49 LGBT men and women in Pulse nightclub. NRA-owned Republicans blocked:
-In 1st vote, the US Senate blocks measure to increase funding and resources for national background check system

-In 2nd vote, the US Senate blocks measure expanding national background check system to close “gun show loophole”
-In 3rd vote, the US Senate blocks measure to delay gun purchases for suspected terrorists while seeking court ruling on sale
-In 4th vote, the US Senate blocks measure to prevent individuals on terror watch list from buying guns
Do you get it now? DO YOU GET IT NOW? Twenty slaughtered little children changed nothing. Massacred movie goers changed nothing. People murdered for standing outside, listening to their congresswoman changed nothing. Churchgoers shot and killed as they prayed changed nothing. LGBT men and women gunned down in a club changed nothing. Nothing will ever change.

I shake as a I write this, tears streaming down my face, so angry, I don’t know what to do. Petitions don’t work, filibusters don’t work. Rivers of blood running through our churches, our schools, our malls, our movie theaters, our colleges, our streets, don’t affect the evil, sociopathic, selfish, truly horrible politicians who care more about the right of anyone to own a gun than our safety. Our lives do not matter to them. Our children’s lives do not matter to them.
Republicans are so worried about ISIS, but we kill each other far more often than any foreign terrorist. And we kill each other with an item whose only purpose is to kill. You can’t use a gun to hammer in a nail, or slice a loaf of bread, or tie up a package. A gun is good for one thing: taking a life. Your life. My life. My granddaughters’ lives. My son’s life.
How many more must die? We asked that after Sandy Hook. We asked that after Tucson. We asked that after Aurora. We asked that after Planned Parenthood. We asked that after San Bernardino. We asked that after the Navy yard, and both Fort Hood attacks. We ask it now, after Pulse. How many more will we bury before Republicans grow a pair of balls, and stand up to the fucking NRA? When will the “pro-life” GOP start giving a shit about actual life?
You know what? I wish President Obama would take away all the guns. I wish I could go to the mall without a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach. I wish, when our son starts college this fall, I knew no one would shoot him. I wish I knew that my husband would never get shot by someone on the freeway. I wish the NRA never existed. I wish…
I wish that after every mass shooting, every goddamn Republican who blocked those 4 measures, the ones who always vote against any sane gun legislation, were rounded up, and forced to view the mangled bodies. Forced to attend the autopsies. Forced to visit every family member, and explain why their loved ones’ lives are not as important as Bocephus Dog Humper’s right to own dozens of firearms, and armor-piercing ammunition, even though Bocephus was convicted of domestic violence, and runs a meth lab out of his basement.
Maybe Jeremiah Wright was correct. Maybe God has damned America, because of our worship of violence, weapons of mass destruction, hate, racism, intolerance, and inaction in the face of evil.
Or perhaps we’ve simply damned ourselves.



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