Donald Trump’s acceptance speech has Republicans mourning the death of their party, and I don’t feel sorry for any of them.
I don’t feel sorry for Meghan McCain, who tweeted this after seeing the speech:

I don’t feel sorry for Nicolle Wallace either.
Why don’t I feel sad for them? Because for some reason I saw this shit coming.
Really. I did.

Four years ago, I wrote this:
My thesis then:

Within the next five years, the Republican party will no longer exist, unless solely in name.

Let me be clear — I’m not saying I’m a soothsayer.
I’m not saying I’m even an astute political observer. I’m a clown whose job it is to mock everyone on all sides of the aisle when they act like their shit doesn’t stink. But even four years ago I could see the Republican Party that I had once belonged to was falling apart. I wasn’t the only one, not by far. There have always been those that have been watching the clown car careening toward a cliff, shaking our heads as we watched it barrel over.
It’s not that hard to have seen the shit show coming. I would guess that the more surprised you are by it, the more likely you were either a) in a coma until very recently, or b) partaking of only conservative media. Because you don’t fight the 21st century with 19th century idealism without getting your ass handed to you. Yet, that’s what modern day Republicans are doing and have been doing.
I wrote in the piece four years ago about why their unyielding adherence to antiquated values will make them further and further irrelevant.

They believe in the most extreme forms of Conservatism. No rape or incest exceptions for abortion. All government spending is evil and should be curtailed. Poor people should be income taxed before we ask rich people to kick in a nickel more… But how long can a group sustain itself when one faction is so completely cloistered in the most extreme of the group’s views? How long can they remain together, working toward the same outcome?

The answer to that last question, is still forthcoming.
Ted Cruz’s speech the other night shows that the answer is forthcoming, though. If they don’t win in the fall — and believe me, this country is bold enough in its hubris and stupidity to do elect them — then they are certainly done as a party that has  White House hopes. Now extremism has fomented into paranoia, which is the only fuel for the Trump campaign.
To be fair to Ms. McCain and Ms. Wallace, they are living, breathing demonstrations of just how un-monolithic the GOP is. There are women in it. There are minorities, and LGBTQ members. But the alliances their party have had to make to stay in power are with the very people who don’t want to give women, minorities, and LGBTQ Americans their full compliment of rights. Clearly the ties that bind apparently aren’t enough to keep you bound when the lunatic fringe takes over.
Some of us tried hard and tried often to warn you all. We’d keep telling you how history judges those who fight equality most harshly. You clung to your Bibles and guns. We warned you that making nice-nice with bigots and racists would turn people off to you. We tried to get you to see shifting demographics were making your policies and your rhetoric look really bullying. But you snidely called us “libtards” and demanded we give our country back to you.
You made this bed, Republicans, and now you all have to lie in it. Something tells me a lot more of you will equivocate a way to vote for Trump than will ever admit it.

The only surprising thing to me about the death spiral the Republicans are in right now, is that it could push them all the way down…into the White House. I’m not saying it’s likely, and frankly I don’t think even the United States is stupid enough to elect Donald Trump. But Britain just left the EU, didn’t they? And the unavoidable fact that the Democrats are facing is that they’re only a few election cycles behind the GOP in terms of inner-party tumult, which could be exacerbated by, well…stuff like this:
If you read the entire story, and some of the emails that Wikileaks published today, you get the distinct feeling that while “rigged” may be a strong word, the DNC tilted the field as hard and as fast to Hillary Clinton’s side as they possibly could without just outright kicking Sanders off the ballots. The Democrats are in danger of dying too, for many of the same reasons. Sure, Democrats are good about not thinking they own the property rights to every vagina, and they manage to not insult brown-skinned people just by the nature of their existences, but the Democratic Party isn’t invincible either, and if enough Sanders supporters are angry at them, the Democrats could pay a price this fall that would send them hurtling toward their own demise, just as the Republicans could be now.
I won’t feel sad for Democrats then, either.
Elections have consequences. And the truth is that the GOP didn’t just die last night when they went from Reagan’s anti-government but pro-people address in 1980 to Donald Trump’s anti-people he doesn’t like and pro-police state address. It’s been dying the whole time Obama’s been in office, if not longer. The further it heaved away from modernity, the closer it drug itself into the abyss of history.
If you’re of the mind the GOP died this week, and you want me to shed a tear for good, honest Republicans caught up in the crossfire, you’re barking up the wrong tree. They were offered shelter in the form of kicking the loons out of their party, and instead they cozied up to the very people that might have just dug the fatal ax into their backs.
RIP, Republican Party. And stay the fuck down.


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