Roy Moore lost. Did he lose bigly? Not so much in terms of vote count. But in terms of the fact that Alabama hasn’t sent a Democrat to the Senate since one retired in 1997, it’s a stunning, dare I say “YUGE” defeat for Moore, Trump, and the Republican Party. Who knew that “Yeah, but at least he’s not a Democrat,” wouldn’t be enough to carry accused sexual molester Moore over the finish line? I mean, God knows that over half a million Republicans, most of them white and Christian, tried their best to do just that. In the end though, Moore was defeated by an alliance of voters casting their ballots not just for Doug Jones, but writing in someone else, snatching victory out of the judge’s grabby paws.

But if you ask some Republicans out there, they’d tell you that this loss isn’t a big deal. Despite Alabama going purple (they still have one Republican Senator) for the first time in a generation, many Republicans want us to believe this is all much ado about nothing. They want us to believe that their party’s razor thin margin of majority being cut to as small as it possibly can be shouldn’t have them worried.

Here is an example of the idiocy I’ve been seeing on the right. It’s a comment written by a “journalist” who is an unabashed conservative, no matter how hard he pretends he’s unbiased.

Dems and media are incredibly giddy over Roy Moore loss in special election – with credible allegations of pedophilia made against him – by a tenth of a percentage point.

It really shouldn’t have been that close. Jones should’ve won in landslide.

The real outcome is the people don’t trust the Dems or the media.

Here’s the thing — on some level, this windbag is right, that the margin of victory for Jones wasn’t huge. And that is problematic. But it’s problematic for the human race. In 2017 we still have people who would think about voting for a sexual predator over an adversarial political party’s candidate. That means to me if the Republicans had run Literal Hitler up there, a ton of people in Alabama would be fuming mad about not getting to speak German for the next six years.

That being said, a win is a win is a win is a win. It cannot be understated at all how a deeply red state just elected a guy from the Blue Team. Sure the margin was small, but was big enough to not even require a legally mandated recount. Sure, it would’ve been fantastic if a couple hundred thousand more people hadn’t voted for Moore, but to pretend that this election isn’t a referendum on Trump and the people who elected him is just absurd; patently and self-evidently absurd.

Jones’ victory means that there will be 49 Democrats and 51 Republicans in the Senate. That means any vote the president or the GOP wants to go through has to be done in reconciliation, because the Dems can just filibuster to their hearts’ content. There is no slimmer majority than a two seat majority, because all it takes is one seat to swing blue next year, and everything is tied up; the GOP losing two seats or more means the balance of power shifts again.

If you think the Republicans aren’t scrambling on their tax scam because of this new math, I have a bridge to sell you. In fact, Jones’ victory looms even larger when you hear the news that just today Marco Rubio said he’s currently a “no” on their tax overhaul. Corker is still a no as well. If Flake and McCain in Arizona have another accidental run-in with their consciences again, tax reform is kaput.

Republicans have been acting all this year like they won a unanimous presidential election last year and that they have totally insurmountable majorities in Congress. Nothing could  be further from the truth. The Electoral College is an anti-democratic sham that gives false comfort to people with outdated and unpopular ideas. Alabama’s special election bears this out, because even in a state filled with people with people who voted for Trump last year, the guy he endorsed couldn’t get over that whole pedophilia thing. The myth of the Silent Majority takes a knock with Moore’s defeat, unless you consider the roughly 2% of voters who wrote in a candidate to deny Moore the spot the Silent Majority. But they’re not the majority. They’re the Minority With a Conscience.

Bottom line? Next year’s mid-terms are a long way off. But after seeing the Republican blood bath in Virginia a few weeks ago, and seeing a Democrat win in a deeply red state, I think it’s safe to say the writing is on the wall, and some real foreshadowing is being witnessed. Of course, the GOP is the same group that denies all the evidence of climate change, so if you’re holding your breath waiting for them to see the electoral massacre waiting for them next year, it’s been nice knowing you.


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