The Republicans have sworn for pretty much forever now they would repeal Obamacare the first chance they could. Yet they have not managed to come up with anything even resembling a replacement until recently, and this one is not going over well at all with…well…anybody really, except super rich people who don’t have to worry about their medical costs. The biggest problem the Republicans have is trying to convince the public that this plan is going to be cheaper and not kick twenty million people off the insurance they were finally able to obtain. Good luck with that one.

¬†An early look at the GOP’s plans shows that they will be pushing the idea that “universal access” to health insurance is better than mandatory “universal coverage,” which has been the foundation of Obamacare.

It sounds like a subtle rhetorical distinction, but reflects a critical difference in the Republican vision of health care that emphasizes less generous coverage to drive down insurance costs. If they can’t sell voters on the concept, the repeal and overhaul of Obamacare could become a damaging episode for the new administration.

With less regulation, no individual or employer mandates, and a free market approach to health insurance, the Republican Congress and President-elect Donald Trump believe more people will be able to buy cheaper health care. That is, if Republicans can get their Obamacare “replacement” plan passed, which could take as much as two or three years. (Politico)

The best part of this is the “repeal and do nothing because we are terrified we will piss off so many people, we will lose out in the mid-terms and the next election.”

Yeah, that’s a pretty damn big problem. Most intelligent people would look at that and realize they were on the wrong trajectory, but not these guys. RIP common sense.

The GOP is rallying around House Speaker Paul Ryan’s blueprint of a health plan. Overall, it’s expected to include far fewer requirements on insurance companies and no requirement that individuals buy health insurance or that employers offer it. The party also plans to emphasize health savings accounts, allow for the sale of insurance across state lines, and fund high-risk pools to pay for the sickest individuals.

The Affordable Care Act imposed many new requirements on insurers to cover a host of conditions and treatments. That contributed to the rise in insurance premiums. But it also protected patients from surprising gaps in coverage for cancer treatment, or maternity care and prescription drugs, which were commonly excluded from private insurance policies prior to the ACA.

There is a huge difference between universal access and universal coverage. In order to make it cheaper, the insurance just won’t cover what it does now. It doesn’t take an insurance guru to figure out what they are doing, even though there are plenty saying just that.

So, you want to pay less for your coverage? Your insurance will cover less. It’s so simple, yet the Republicans are trying to obfuscate it to the point that it sounds like something grand. And what about those twenty million people who were able to obtain insurance under Obamacare? They may very well lose their coverage, or be placed in “high risk pools” in their respective states. That does not sound like removing the government from the problem. In fact, it is further complicating the issue with more government interference.

It would make much more sense for everyone to get together and work to make adjustments to the system we have, to make it better. But because it was President Obama’s idea and plan, and we now live in the age of Fuck Bipartisanship, that will never happen. The American people get screwed so a bunch of overpaid, under-worked congressmen can grandstand over Obamacare, something that does not even affect them.

That’s right. It does not affect them. Perhaps the first thing we should do is require the people making the rules to live by the rules. Maybe then they would do something that makes some fucking sense. We could hope, at least.



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