Congressman “Cantaloupe Calves” Steve King appeared on CNN earlier today to chat about Donald Trump’s ineffectual “family-friendly policies.” During the interview, host Chris Cuomo asked King if LGBT families would be supported by these policies, to which King said:

I want to respect all people, but I want to promote the natural family.

King went on to call the natural family “wholesome.” By natural family, Rep. King means a man and a woman, joined in holy matrimony, blessed by God. Because in Steve King’s world, a straight Christian would never, ever hurt a child. Well, except for this guy:


A southeast Missouri pastor is accused of raping a then-4 year old.

Keith Frye, 54, of Lilbourn, Mo., was charged with first degree statutory rape.

Frye is the presiding pastor at Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Lilbourn, Mo.

According to court documents, on Monday, March 14 the New Madrid County Sheriff’s Department was contacted by an investigator for the Department of Social Services Children’s Division in connection with a possible sexual assault of a child.

The investigator stated a hotline call reported the alleged sexual abuse.

On Wednesday, March 16, the child was examined and interviewed. The child told authorities the incidents happened more than once.

The incidents allegedly happened between March 8, 2015 and March 7, 2016 when the child was 4 years old. The child is now 5 years old.

Prior to moving to Lilbourn, Frye was pastor of Central Baptist Church in Poplar Bluff, according to the church’s website. It states he served there from July, 2005 to September, 2013 when he resigned.

While at Central Baptist, Frye and his wife founded a youth department and grew the church’s Sunday school, website goes on to say.

Then there’s Richard Keenan, a former Ohio mayor, who raped a 4-year-old girl, and claimed she was a “willing participant.” He’s married, by the way. To a woman.

Ken Adkins, an anti-LGBT pastor who said the victims at Pulse Nightclub “got what they deserved” was arrested last month for-you guessed it-child molestation. From

Adkins recently came under fire when he tweeted “homosexuals got what they deserved” after the deadly mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub. His Twitter account has since been set to private.

Dave Reynolds, another vehemently anti-LGBT pastor, was arrested in May of this year on 70 charges of distributing, possessing, or viewing child pornography:

The 40-year-old pastor regularly preached that marriage is between a man and a woman and that all homosexual activity is a sin.

He was arrested this week after police received a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which claimed that a social media account in Sherwood was storing pages and pages of child pornography.

The account allegedly belonged to Reynolds.

In March, Reynolds informed elders at Cornerstone Bible Fellowship that he was under investigation for child porn possession.

When they asked if he had engaged in viewing the material, Reynolds told them he had “not knowingly done so.”

The elders ultimately decided to relieve Reynolds of his duties and put out a statement saying the church was fully cooperating with police.

Our present concern is with the people of Cornerstone to whom the Lord has entrusted us as shepherds,” the church said in a statement. “We have been and will continue to pursue all avenues to determine whether any of Cornerstone’s people may have been directly or indirectly affected by any actions Dave may have taken.”

Meanwhile, Reynolds is maintaining his innocence.

In a statement released earlier this week, his attorney, Blake Hendrix, said, “Mr. Reynolds has pleaded not guilty and intends to vigorously defend himself against the accusations.”

Lest we forget the women, Susan Smith, a woman married to a man, strapped her own two sons into a car, and watched as that car rolled off a dock into a lake. Smith then lied to police, the media, and her own husband, saying a black man had carjacked her.

This is the “natural family” Rep. King believes in. Child molesters, child rapists, owners of child pornography, and a mother who murdered her own sons. LGBT families are unnatural, and undeserving of benefits like family leave.

Steve King also claims there is “research” on his side, research that proves LGBT families are harmful to children. Unfortunately for King, the majority of research states the exact opposite. This study, and this one, oh and this one that says kids raised by same-sex couples are happier and healthier than their peers. In fact, the one thing making it difficult for children being raised by same-sex parents is homophobia from people like Rep. Steve King.

Kids are alright when they’re raised by people who love them, who keep them safe, who cherish them. Whether that’s two moms, two dads, a single mom, a single dad, or a man and a woman. Rep. King is way behind the times, and the science, when it comes to families. A natural family is simply one filled with love, respect, tolerance, and one that teaches children those things.

LGBT families are natural. Rep. Steve King’s homophobia is not.


  1. If you live in Iowa, in Kings district, please please please vote for Kim Weaver in November. She is actually a pretty good progressive democrat. Thank you.


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