Congressman Blake Farenthold appeared on All In With Chris Hayes Tuesday, to chat about why he still supports Donald Trump. Chris Hayes asked Rep. Farenthold about the 2005 comments Trump made, promoting sexually assaulting women, and Farenthold said:

…until he does something so bad to make him worse than Hillary I’m still in.

Chris Hayes then brought up Republicans who have withdrawn their support, pointing out Trump stating he sexually assaulted women was not enough for Rep. Farenthold to withdraw his. Hayes also wanted to make sure Farenthold understood that Trump was bragging about sexual assault, saying:

But you do recognize that’s what he was doing correct?

Nope, Blake Farenthold absolutely does not recognize that, and he proved it with his response:

No, I…I think this was uh locker room talk that happened ten years ago that he’s apologized for, it was a private conversation that was off the record that just happened to be caught on tape.

Then Chris Hayes went balls to the wall, and asked Rep. Farenthold, a member of the “party of family values:”

If someone off the record, in a locker room-this was not a locker room, it was the workplace-said I really like raping women, would that be locker room talk?

Blake Farenthold was silent for a second, then replied:

Again it depends…you don’t know the entire context…

And we’re done.

Wrong answer, Blake Farenthold, you festering pus-filled misogynistic boil on the butt of humanity. THERE IS NO FUCKING CONTEXT WHEN IT COMES TO RAPE. It’s rape. It’s an act of violence, an act of power, an act of destruction. A man, any man, who says “I really like raping women” doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt, you ignorant shitstain. You don’t know the entire context? Oh, was it a joke? We all know how much right-wing male trolls adore a good rape joke. Hell, there are hundreds of social media pages, and all of 4Chan, dedicated to men who live in their moms’ basements and sit around, giggling about rape.

Tell me, Congressman Blake Farenthold, tell me about context. Tell me the context of being shoved up against the side of my own car, having a stranger’s hand wrapped around my neck as he yanked my shorts down and raped me in a parking lot. Tell me the context of my friends who were raped by male relatives. Tell me the context of being on a bus, and having a man sitting next to you put his hand under your dress. Tell me the context of every single goddamn sexual assault Tweeted to Kelly Oxford. Tell me. Tell us.

Tell me the context of having a teacher try to rape me in his car, and doing the EXACT THING TRUMP BRAGGED ABOUT DOING. My teacher shoved his hand down my pants and grabbed my pussy. As I struggled, as I cried, as I said stop. Tell me the context of my friend who was anally raped by a drunk boyfriend holding a gun to her head. You explain it to me, to every single female survivor of sexual assault and sexual violence.

In order for you to condemn someone for saying “I really like raping women,” you would need to know the context. Well, here’s the context: THAT MAN IS A RAPIST. Or perhaps you are confused about rape in general. Or sexual assault. The Department of Justice defines sexual assault as:

Sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. Falling under the definition of sexual assault are sexual activities as forced sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape.

Fondling. Like grabbing a woman’s pussy without her consent. Which is precisely what your presidential nominee bragged about doing. But you think that was just “locker room talk,” and if a man, even Trump, said he really liked raping women, you’d need fucking context before you could decide if that was okay.

Let me help you. It’s not okay. It’s not okay. It’s not okay. It. Is. Not. Fucking. Okay. It is never okay. Sexual assault is never okay. Rape is never okay.

And those ignorant dickwaffles who are comparing what Trump bragged about doing to women-grabbing them by the pussy against their will-to women reading a book? Fuck you in the face with a rabid badger. Fifty Shades of Grey is FICTION. Donald Trump is a sexual predator, an accused rapist, and a raging misogynist. Many of us wish he was a fictional character, but he’s not. He the Republican presidential nominee.

I’m pissed off, I’m stressed beyond belief, my anxiety is through the roof, I’m not sleeping, and every goddamn time that monster opens his mouth, I have flashbacks to my own rapes. This is a real thing, what I and so many others are experiencing. It’s called “Trump-induced anxiety,” and a lot of my friends, many of whom are also survivors, are dealing with Trump-induced anxiety. Our PTSD is much more evident and present, some of us are having nightmares, and a lot of folks are trying to minimize their exposure to news and/or social media.

Because when we log onto Facebook or Twitter, we inevitably are confronted with someone like Rep. Blake Farenthold, and we feel that knot in our stomachs. The knot that comes with the knowledge that after Trump loses the election, his rape culture-loving supporters will still be around. Lurking on the internet much like Trump lurked behind Hillary Clinton during the second debate.


  1. I take it this is what the basically the entire presidential election will be about, trump’s 1.5 minute remarks on a bus 11 yrs ago. Nothing else to be concerned about like climate change, energy policy, fracking, DAPL, growing economic inequality, military overreach, free trade, corporatism, tax code


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