Hey, so I was just going through archives of news stories from the last eight or nine years and I found a story I had completely forgotten about. I wanted to refresh your memory like I had mine refreshed for me. I think you’ll be just as shocked and surprised as I was.

Remember when that baptist church was bombed? It was in Minnesota. Someone chucked a bomb through a window at the church. Nobody was hurt, luckily. But a room in the church was obliterated and members of the congregation reported being rattled and unnerved, obviously.

And do you know what the really galling part is? President Barack HUSSEIN Obama didn’t say a damn word about it! Minutes, days, and hours floated by without an official statement of condolences or even acknowledgment of the attack! What an absolutely horrific situation, and our president didn’t respond at all.

In fact, you know what Obama did instead of tweeting about the bombing? He got on Twitter and shit all over a Republican senator who was saying things about him that he didn’t like. Plumbing for a rock bottom that doesn’t exist, Obama was sending the mean tweets while on a 17-day golfing vacation at a golf course he owned.

An act of domestic terrorism was perpetrated on a religious building in a country that is supposed to be all about religious freedom, and the President of the United States was too busy golfing and trolling his political adversaries to say, much less do, anything about it.

Understandably, Republicans and Christian conservatives were outraged. How could Obama do this? How could he be the president for all Americans, and then turn a blind eye to a group being attacked? A bombing is terrorism, no matter how you slice it, so why didn’t Blacky McDemocrat get off his butt and at least tweet something about it? I mean, we all remember how important tweeting at all hours of the day was to President Obama. We all remember how he was always up at dawn rage tweeting. So why couldn’t he rage tweet about someone attacking a religious institution?

Adding insult to injury, not a single Democratic congressman was on the record in the wake of the attack as condemning it. In fact, Democratic senators ignored the attack just as much as Obama did. It was an insult to the church that was bombed, but also to the Christian community at large that their president couldn’t take tame away from twitter or the links long enough to send 140 characters or less of condolence and sympathy.

I’m sure you all remember this incident, as it was such a blatant case of the ineptitude and callous indifference of a president that it was seared in your brains. How could it not? A church has a bomb thrown through its window and the President of the United States of America says absolutely, positively nothing about it? What a truly dark time for our country that was, huh?

Oh. Wait a fuckin’ minute here. I just rubbed my eyes and blinked rapidly like they do in the cartoons, and you know what I realized? I was totally wrong. Every time I read “Barack Obama” the news story actually said “Donald Trump.” Every time it said “Christian Church” to me, the actual news item said, “Mosque.” And every time it said “Democrat” in my eyes, the actual text was, “Republican.” And all this didn’t happen a few years ago. It happened a couple of days ago.

This item from NBC News has all the details so far.


Just imagine the outrage if something like that had actually happened under Obama’s watch. Imagine the wails and the banshee-like screams of the right-wing if Obama hadn’t dropped everything he was doing to address the bombing. Republicans would be marching in the streets.

If that bomb had gone through a mosque window where there had been members of its congregation meeting, would Trump have said anything? Or do Muslim victims of domestic terrorism not rate the same kind of attention that victims of violent, random undocumented workers get in the Trump administration? It would seem so. Because someone literally just bombed a fucking mosque and Trump was too busy hypocritically attacking Dick Blumenthal’s Vietnam service record — while rubbing his presidential bone spurs — to address the Minnesota mosque bombing.

There is no bottom. There is no trough too low for him. Donald Trump is a craven, egomanical turd and his base eats it up with glee.


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