Last Monday Reuters published an article, ‘Religious left’ Emerging as U.S. Political Force in Trump EraThe election of Trump has seen a groundswell of activism from the left, including Progressive Christians.

Although not as powerful as the religious right, which has been credited with helping elect Republican presidents and boasts well-known leaders such as Christian Broadcasting Network founder Pat Robertson, the “religious left” is now slowly coming together as a force in U.S. politics.

This disparate group, traditionally seen as lacking clout, has been propelled into political activism by Trump’s policies on immigration, healthcare and social welfare, according to clergy members, activists and academics. A key test will be how well it will be able to translate its mobilization into votes in the 2018 midterm congressional elections.

“It’s one of the dirty little secrets of American politics that there has been a religious left all along and it just hasn’t done a good job of organizing,” said J. Patrick Hornbeck II, chairman of the theology department at Fordham University, a Jesuit school in New York.

“It has taken a crisis, or perceived crisis, like Trump’s election to cause folks on the religious left to really own their religion in the public square,” Hornbeck said.

These groups have formed alliances to offer religious asylum, oppose cabinet nominees, raise financial support, and hold rallies; the first major breakthrough of the “Moral Mondays” movement was the election of Roy Cooper in North Carolina.

However, the Religious Right is breaking down over the rise of the Left. They cannot bear to have their own tactics used against them. This group has always seen themselves as the only “Godly” political force, and they will do whatever they can to maintain that position.

First, they try to dismiss Progressives as “not Christian”. Janet Mefferd, on her American Family Association radio show Tuesday, stated, “The problem is when they start quoting scripture, it turns into something monstrous, and really, really, out-of-control not biblical.” This tactic is as old as time itself; when Fundagelicals do not agree with someone, they write them off as irrelevant rather than even debate the merits of their argument.

The next group of old white men were offended by the number of women in the progressive group. Sam Rohrer of the American Pastors’ Network was fired up on his show.

I have found that a lot of the leaders and pastors, a lot of the pastors in this particular movement are ladies, and we believe as we look at the word of God in its true sense, that the word of God teaches us that ladies do not, well, they should not be in the pastorate.

Dave Kistler followed up by decreeing “all leftist causes…are very, very unbiblical in nature.”

Another group, the Faith & Freedom Coalition, spoke out and made it very clear that when it comes to Donald Trump, they “have not seen any policy proposals that run counter to our faith.”

We finally know what will completely set off the Religious Right, more than any group of atheists or climate change believing scientists. And that is a group of people who see Jesus as a Democrat.


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