This installment of Racist Right-Winger Comment Round-Up is brought to you by the letters “U” and “A.” As in Unbiased America — literally the most self-deluded and ironically named Facebook page of all time. They are supe-dupes right-wing libertarian types, and they love to quote Thomas Sowell, because you know he’s one of “them” (if you know what I mean!) and he’s conservative as fuck.

Anyway, all the comments in the round-up are from this shared image, below. It’s important to note that some of these comments aren’t overtly racist, but instead help perpetuate racism by excusing it whenever it’s seen. It’s something conservatives are trained to do by people like Rush Limbaugh who convince them minority groups are just simply bitching about things that poor, picked-on white folk never get help with. Because to them starting a race with heavy weights around your ankles is equality, you see.


Gee. I wonder why this guy thinks Obama’s birth certificate is “clearly photo shopped” but no other president’s birth certificate even warranted any scrutiny at all. What is so different about President Barrack Hussein Obama from every other person to be elected before him…hmmm…


And here’s the same commenter dismissing the segregation that still happens in many schools in the south because “the choice has been made by POC [people of color].” We should totally take the word of a random person on the Internet, for sure, but I wonder even if people of color made the decision to hold separate proms, could it be their decision was influenced by fears of race-based attacks on their kids? Nah, I’m sure it was because they love to be treated like second class citizens so much, they created a separate but equal prom for their kids to go to.


Here’s a wonderful example of the slavery apologist mentality of today’s modern racists. Now, I should say that it’s entirely possible this person is just ignorant and not racist, but basically when you see someone saying that most people didn’t own slaves, that’s a way of excusing confederate soldiers who fought and killed other Americans so that wealthy slavers could continue owning black people like property.

Then we have the silly notion that a poor immigrant family is the same as a slave family. The fact that one got paid — even meagerly — and one didn’t should be enough to shut this person down. But then they make the dumb comment about affirmative action not helping black people. For starters, I thought conservatives believed black people don’t need affirmative action programs because they have it so much better now, but this guy seems to at least be admitting that the African-American community is still facing tremendous challenges.

But the truth is that we need affirmative action in this country exactly because racism will never die, and these programs are intended to mitigate the fact that racism is most often not boldly declared like at a Trump rally or in an Unbiased America or Being Classically Liberal comment thread or post. So we have to do everything we can to make sure otherwise fully-qualified candidates aren’t passed over by a racist asshole simply because he’s a racist asshole.


Yeah, guys, the system isn’t racist. It’s just got racists in it, and they may be doing racist things. So you see, it’s totally different. And since what they’re doing is illegal, you almost have to just pretend it’s not happening, right? Also, as this MENSA candidate points out, people like Martin Luther King, Jr. demanding change through civil disobedience is just people making the mistake of forcing it. And by “it” we mean “securing and defending their basic human rights,” whatever bullshit that is!


And finally, the kind of comment that may not be racist, but it’s the perfect case in point that we talked about at the outset. Everyone knows that getting a Celtic cross tattoo is going to make people at least wonder if you’re a white supremacist. But that’s not even the dumbest thing this person said. The ignorance is thick when you don’t understand that everything in day to life is essentially a display of white culture. White people are the statistical majority, so pretty much every other day is “white pride” day in a way, but more importantly — this dinkus doesn’t even get why minority groups have “pride days.”

Pride days are meant for the repressed, under-represented groups, period. Why? Because they’re repressed and under-represented. These things matter, but of course a bunch of privileged white people wouldn’t get that. Of course they’d try to turn it around so they’re the victims of racism. What an utter crock of shit. Here’s a good rule of thumb — don’t treat your skin color as an accomplishment. That’s not what “black pride,” or “Latino pride” is about. They’re declarations to the rest of us that those groups are important and shouldn’t be ignored because of their skin color.

But if you expect a group of right-wingers to come to figure this out all on their own, you’ll be sorely disappointed your whole life.



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