Not all right-wingers are racist. But, if you’re going to try to predict whether someone could be racist or not, finding out if they’re a right-winger might help you make a more educated guess. As part of my “research” for satirical and commentary columns, I trawl (and troll) around right-winger Facebook pages that profess to either be “unbiased” or “classically liberal” in order to get a sense for how conservatives talk about issues when they don’t care how liberals will judge them for it.

I decided to do a regular, running catalog of my favorite racist right-winger comments, and let you all see the horribleness I see every day.

Here are some of the most ignorant and stupid stuff left by commenters who were upset by a purely academic debate conducted in a Harvard classroom in which black students took their rhetoric to the absurd (which is part of formal debate) and suggested white privilege is so bad white people should kill themselves. This video is four years old and was recently found and turned into click bait by some bullshit libertarian site and reshared on “Being Classically Liberal.”

It should also be noted that just like the bullshit Planned Parenthood videos last year, the video that “Being Classically Liberal” shared was highly and suggestively edited, clearly with the intent to spin a narrative. You and I might see that as both a joke and an intentionally hyperbolic argument within the confines of a debate, but not these people. So here’s our first one, and it’s a real, genuine racist doozy:


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This, by the way, is a very common argument “not racist” right-wingers make. They point to FBI stats that show African-Americans are arrested and charged with violent crime more than white people and say that proves something. Of course, they never examine the numbers and control for poverty, or any number of mitigating factors that would very clearly indicate what a racist canard this trope is to begin with, but that’s another story for another time.

Then we have just some good ol’ fashioned over-generalizing about something you don’t understand and presuming it’s a racial thing, like these bumblefucks.


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 Then there’s the ones that lament the fact they can’t use the word “nigger” in any context they so choose, and don’t get how even in an academic debate, that would be nothing more that ad hominem, and regardless it’s just a word white people have to use with extreme caution and deference to an entire community of oppressed people.


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Or, we have this MENSA candidate who seems to believe a majority of black people are violent criminals.


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I really love this one. Because you know, the white people FREAKING OUT in the comments section on this post share aren’t showing emotional investment in the debate at all, right?


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And finally, this one. Because you know, when a white person makes a video calling black people inherently more violent, he has nothing to worry about. But a black kid who is doing something at his university that white people have done for years and years suddenly has something to worry about.


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